Antiquing Ain’t Just for Gramma Anymore!

Hey guys!  I promise you I have not lost all motivation to blog.  This week has just been absolutely nuts at work and then by the time I am getting home I am off-the-wall exhausted.

Mom and I have been working our tushes off and we decided that Sunday was going to be a well-earned mommy/daughter day.  We had received tickets to an antique show from an open house we attended a few months ago.  The house is phenomenal, and I have to pimp it out just a little bit.  It’s looking for a good new owner.  The current owner has loved this house and created an old world oasis for herself, which brings me back to the antique show tickets.  The owner of the open house is a vendor at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo that holds a multitude of crafts, antiques, and other great conventions in North Charlotte.

We arrived around 1 PM Sunday afternoon in the BLAZING heat and scurried inside to find some deals and inspiration.  Show me the interior design sexy!



Candlestick collecting is pretty awesome looking, especially when they make a great centerpiece on this dining table.

This coastal dining table and chair set was the perfect size for the Treehouse.  Two problems though…the $350 price tag and I just brought my little Avalon. Ah well.

It’s all in the presentation!  This dining table was simple and country elegant. Love! Digging the whitewashed chairs, too!


I was stalking framed chalkboards all day long! And this was my absolute favorite…but with a price of $45, even after 50% off?  No me gusta.  I will end up making one myself.

I love these paper flowers.  Again, I will have to have a craft day.

Who dresses up their dogs? I ask you, who?!?  Still pretty darn cute though.  Wonder if I could gets Mads into a dress like that…hmmmm…

I was so in love with the nest pillow, bird cage print, and ceramic bird with nest eggs.  I about bought all this up for the living room entertainment center…then I realized…I don’t have a living room entertainment center…yet. (Maniacal laugh)

There was a recurring theme to the items that I found awesome…old frames.  This time with cork board inserted and pretty fabric banner. Great for a little girl’s room.  Hmmm… Right: This set of reupholstered antique chairs would be sexy in a sunroom or living room.  Made me miss Paris, too.


I was so in love with these prints and wanted to take them all home with me.  But many of them were rare and priced at $400!  Can you believe the booth keeper just left them out like that?  Serious trust!

These lamps were AH-Mazing!  All metal and I liked the idea of vines with these.  Almost bought them, but I have no idea where I would put them as of right now.  But I kept on fantasizing about having one of these babies suspended over a dining table.

Designer pillows that put Pottery Barn to shame…in price and design.  One of these cost $75!  But they are soooo pretty!

Now this is an engagement ring! If when Ryan pops the question, I am just going to bring him over here.  A great steal for $1200.  Was originally priced at $1600. Wonder how much more I could have talked down the price.


Old meets new!  Taking old silver serving trays, hanging them on beautiful ribbons and creating an antique chic mirror.

The ideas that people come up with! It’s amazing! Have pictures from window shopping you want to share?  I would love to see them!


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