Money Saving Tip: Cut the Cable

Courtesy of Hugo Pressman

When my friends bring up popular reality television shows, they always ask me, “Have you seen it?” My usual reply is a shrug and a shake of my head followed by, “I don’t have cable.”  8 times out of 10, they are pretty amazed by the fact.  Truth is, I gave up cable over 2 years ago, because A) I realized it was a huge time suck and B) There were so many other great things I could spend $50 on a month. Comporium Communications has monopolized the area I live in as far as cable goes.  When I started with them in 2009, my cable bill was a mere $25. By the next year, that price had DOUBLED!  I was shocked and upset, but they couldn’t offer me a better price, so I threw them a peace sign and stopped paying for it.

And I honestly do not miss it at all.  With all the modern advancements of show screening on the computer, I can watch Wednesday’s episode of Modern Family on Thursday night.  I am able to stay current on the good shows, and I don’t have to deal with the over abundance of commercials and crappy reality shows.  It’s a pretty sweet deal…along with saving $50 a month.

Still not convinced? Here’s how I “get by.”

  • The beauty that is CBS, ABC, and FOX…usually they post their shows on the ‘net 48 hours after airing them on the tellie.  All I have to do is log on and watch.
  • Netflix keeps me entertained the remainder of the time with “reruns” of older as well as new shows, movies, and documentaries.  For only $8 a month, it’s a steal!
  • Red Box keeps Ryan and I covered on our movie nights, that way the only fliping through we are doing is through a ton of new releases.
  • If a big sports match is on (Olympics are coming up), we will go to a local bar or friend’s house and watch it.  It’s a lot more fun watching with a crowd anyways.

What are you doing to save money on entertainment?


2 thoughts on “Money Saving Tip: Cut the Cable

  1. Morgan, Justin and I have watched TV with nothing but an antenna for the last two years, and have loved it! We still get clear channels, like ABC, NBC, CBS, and even channels like ION and LWN for free! The antenna cost $50, but paid for itself after two months. Just another great, eventually free, option among Netflix and Red Box.

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