Would You Like a Compliment with that Frosty?

Monday was a brutal day.  I am figuring it was for a lot of people involved.  Client after client was pouring in to our office, either through telephone or the door.  Mom and I couldn’t get a moment’s rest until lunch time.  I didn’t bring my lunch with me on Monday, so I went to my usual go-to fast food stop: Wendy’s.  I have been to Wendy’s all over the South.  Many of them give sub par service and even more so sub par food.  But the Wendy’s in Lancaster has really set a standard for quality.

I come to Wendy’s for the food.  I go through the Drive-Thru window, because of a sweet older gentleman named Ed.  In the 5-10 seconds it takes for him to ring up my order, he compliments me on average 3 times.  And the funny thing is that it never gets old and it never sounds rehearsed.  Ed is just being a decent human being.  But he takes it to the next level because he doesn’t just do it for me (I was thinking I was his only girl…ah well). I posted to my Facebook about how this sweet little old man took my money and gave me back several niceties like “gorgeous”, “lovely”, and, my favorite, “as cute as a bug in a rug.” In a matter of minutes, my wall was flooded with girls saying the same thing and how much he makes them happy.

One of my friends on Facebook told me that Ed has had a hard life, but he never lets it get to him and he is always a positive person.  There shouldn’t be anything extraordinary about the kindness that this man gives.  But amongst all the angst and the cynicism of the world, Ed is able to deliver a message of consistent and unconditional love.  He doesn’t care who you are, he is going to be nice to you, ask how your day is going, and then send you off with a smile.

The world needs more people like Ed.  What have you done today to make someone’s life a little brighter? As for me, I think I am going to take a sweet thank you card through the Drive-Thru next time.

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