Couchy and Friends!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I have been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time.  I will be strutting around the streets of Charleston this time tomorrow with my baby sister and then attending one of my last Pure Romance parties.  Many pictures to come, I promise. I still haven’t done my restaurant review from my last visit…which may result in a special Foodie Friday post this afternoon.  Huzzah!

So you all know Couchy, the $100 Craigslist find Ryan and I picked up a few weeks ago.  Well, Couchy has become a member of the family.  He is there to hold us up and comfort us at the end of our long work days, and a love like that does not go unrecognized.  Couchy was quite naked and very lonely, though.

During mom’s and my antiquing trip, I was able to stop by Pier 1 and TJ Maxx to pick up some great pillows and a throw (which I have already put to good use during a few weekend naps).

The utilization of my childhood “hope chest” just wasn’t cutting it as a coffee table, though.  And you will remember from the list of Minor Home Improvements, Ryan and I really wanted a leather ottoman.  Well, the man is as good as his word.  I returned from my party in Columbia last weekend to find this beauty resting in front of the couch…er, I mean Couchy.

Sleek, simple, modern, and with just enough storage to rock my world.  I actually love how Ryan’s and my separate purchasers complement each other.  Couchy being cozy, white, and very curvaceous.  Ryan’s ottoman is modern, dark, and shiny.  I name my furniture, Ryan just rolls his eyes when I do (I am resisting the urge to name his ottoman “Otto”). But they pair so well together, don’t you think?

But the furniture quest doesn’t end there.  I was still searching high and low for a dining table for the occasions that company came over and really couldn’t find a good one that fit my price point.  But suddenly, a potential listing for mom arrived on the scene! (Trumpets Sound) An old furniture store that sold antiques was going on the market and the owner had to get rid of some of her inventory.  I was offered a great little round dining table with a leaf extension for FREE!

I got Dad’s van, packed it in (during an epic lightning storm) and brought it back to the Treehouse to see if it fit, and…drumroll please…it does! It needs some serious work and a set of upholstered dining chairs, but now I can definitely swing it because I didn’t have to shell out $100+ for the table.  I would make a public “thank you” to my benefactor, but I am pretty sure she wanted me to keep this as quiet as possible, so she will remain anonymous.  We can now have Thanksgiving dinner at the Treehouse this year.  This is going to be awesome!

I am going to have to hunt down the leaf for this table or make one…

It’s been a pretty darn eventful month in the living room, but the house is officially starting to come together as far as Ryan and I are concerned.

Do you have any great furniture pieces in your home that were gifted to you?

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