Ryan and Morgan Moment: Wine Tasting Craziness

It all began in February of 2010.  Ryan and I on our first real vacation together since saying “I love you” went wine tasting in Pigeon Forge, TN.  We actually tackled 3 of the great wineries near Gatlinburg where we were staying.

The Mountain Valley Winery in Pigeon Forge. Free wine tastings and the absolute best tasting experience!

And that’s how it all began.  Fast forward to the summer of 2010, when we were bored and had nothing better to do.North Carolina wine country called our names and we answered the call.

Courtesy of Head Over Heels Wedding Blog

Then there was Napa Valley, the Sutter Home winery, and our buzzed bus ride back to San Francisco.


We have to been to so many wine tastings over the past few years that our collection of “souvenir glasses” has gotten out of hand.  We always laugh when the wineries charge $5 for the tastings, but give us the souvenir glass.  Save the glass, give us more wine instead!

Last week, we realized we still had a month until we are able to go down to Myrtle Beach for our 3 day vacation.  It seemed sooooooooooo far off. How will we go on? (Sorry for the melodrama) Ryan suggested a trip up to North Carolina wine country and I gave a resounding “heck yes!” More wine glasses!!!!

Our love for wine is so deep that instead of a union candle ceremony, we will be doing a wine box ceremony.  Wine gets better with age, just like a marriage should.  The couple picks out a bottle of wine that will age well, write love letters to each other, and present the letters to each other on their wedding day.  The letters are read (sort of like vows) and then placed into a wooden wine box along with the bottle of wine. The box is then closed either with a clasp or nails.  When times get tough in the marriage and the couple needs a breather, they open the box and the bottle of wine, read the letters to each other and remember why they began this crazy thing called marriage in the first place.  To grow, mature, and become better together with time and love.  Just like a good wine.

Courtesy of Village Lane Furniture and Custom Woodworking


Is there a special tradition you and your lover have?


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