Be Our Guest!

Courtesy of Disney

Oh, to have a dancing and singing candelabra serenade me with that song each night at dinner…just me? Okay, then.  Though my life will never be a Disney movie, I would like a place in The Treehouse where guests can come over for dinner and not have to sit on the floor.

The search for the dining table ended just last week when one of my mother’s potential clients gave me an antique table and told me to “Have at!”

It looks kind of pitiful right now. A little rough around the edges and in dire need of a coat of paint.  I had no idea really what to do with it, exactly.  It hit me while I was in the shower this past weekend (all my ideas do, I have no idea why), but it came at me like a giant, genius, barrel of bricks!

Melanie(my sister) and I went to Home Goods this past Saturday, and I took a few pictures of items that I would love to have at the house.  The first was a grey art print and the second was this oh-so-comfy lounge chair that would never fit, but had the same color scheme I want for the living room.

WHY NOT PAINT THE TABLE GREY???!!! My creative psyche was screaming at me excitedly like a 2 year old, and was hard to ignore.  I jumped online and looked for a few inspiration shots and this is what I found.

Courtesy of

The table scape is set out really nice here.  Love the drop leaf and how simple but beautiful this table looks…

Courtesy of

I like things with a bit of whimsy to them (I use that word sparingly because it gets on my nerves), with a little quirkiness and fun.  Chalkboard top table?  Yes please!

Courtesy of

This is actually what the dining table would look like if it were painted grey.  I love it!  Sold!

Then the problem of chairs came up.  I am going to stop by the Habitat for Humanity ReStore Friday evening and see what they have.  Here are a few inspiration pictures for the chairs.

Courtesy of

I am a sucker for cut-out back chairs…

Courtesy of IKEA

This would be a nice chair if I was able to find a pad to put on it.  Looks a little too hard, but I really like the modern edge.

Courtesy of IKEA

Ryan loves leather and this would match the ottoman that is already in the room…

Courtesy of IKEA

This is the same chair, just with a different upholstery.  Again, Ryan and I are like night and day when it comes to interior design tastes.

Courtesy of

These beauties I found on Ebay at a whopping $150 for two!  That would suck up a good bit of what I had budgeted for this project…which is only about $150.  So I am going to have to pass on these, but, a girl can dream.

So, which chairs do you guys like?  Have you received something from a family member or friend and given it new life?  We want to hear about it!


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