Foodie Friday: Triangle Char and Bar

Before I give my long overdue restaurant review, I received only ONE question for the “Ask Us Anything” post from yesterday.  And I am a woman of my word…despite the curve ball of a question, I have an answer.

Kyle Asks: What wine pairs best with a PB&J sandwich?

Well, Kyle, red wines are too acidic to pair with the tartness of the jam.  Dry wines in general are not going to pair well. I recommend a Gewürztraminer…a sweet one.  Either that or a sweet blush wine, like rose (pronouned ro-zay).

Maybe we should do a question of the week. 😉

Anyways, back to the lonnnnnng overdue restaurant review of Triangle Char and Bar, located in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Melanie and I had just finished our sea-esta on the beach and we were extremely hungry.  It didn’t take much convincing on her part…all she had to say was “turkey burgers” and “Sweet potato fries.”  I was practically drooling before we even got in the car.

Courtesy of Triangle Char and Bar

The design of the building is very industrial but fun and trendy at the same time.  Mel and I sat out on the patio, enjoyed the cool breeze and people watched.  There was not enough parking for this place to fit all the hungry customers.  It was packed, even for a Saturday afternoon.  The bar is outside as well, so we were able to watch a few baseball games while we waited for our food.

Courtesy of Traingle Char and Bar

Our food arrived, piping hot and fresh and ohhhhh my goodness!  It was so good I forgot to take a picture of it beforehand, so you will just have to deal with the halfway through picture.

I ordered the turkey pimento cheese burger with a side of sweet potato fries and apple butter.  Best part? They didn’t charge extra for the sweet potato fries!  The burger was very good and the pimento cheese was a slab of ooey-gooey goodness.  I can’t remember what Melanie had, because all I can do right now is think about how badly I want another one of these juicy culinary masterpieces.

Food: A

Service: Quick and efficient.  The servers are like little busy bees.  They don’t hover too much and you get your water glass refilled often.

Location: Convenient.  Needs more parking, though.  But this isn’t unheard of in the Charleston area.

Ambiance: Fun and casual.

Price: Affordable. Great for lunch.

 Down in the Mt. Pleasant area?  Do yourself and your stomach a favor and go visit Triangle Char and Bar! Menus, directions, and pictures here!

Have you been to the Char and Bar?  What should I try next over there?  What did you think about your experience?

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