Time to Wine: Windsor Run Cellars

Previously known as the Buck Shoals Winery, the Windsor Run Cellars still has that “new house smell.”  The old winery with the second “legal” distillery in North Carolina was renovated and reopened in March of this year!

Ryan and I had been to Buck Shoals during our first wine country trip, and we couldn’t keep our eyes off the amazing work they had done to the business.

The sweet and simple feel of the winery melts over you before you even get inside.  The inviting front porch and rocking chairs beckoned us to “sit a spell.”

The first thing we noticed when we walked through the door was LIGHT! Tons and tons of natural light!  The back wall had been taken out and replaced with rows of windows, and it made all the difference in the world!  The sunny day provided us with all the brightness we needed to know what wines we were drinking, and we had a constant view of the vineyard.

Once the small and dark tasting room, the area around the fireplace is now an inviting shop area.  There is plenty of room to mill around and pick out some great gifts to take home.

Is that warm glow from the fire or from the wine?

Ryan loved these napkins…”Hey, those are memes on those napkins.” He’s my favorite Reddit nerd.

We sallied up to the tasting bar after we collected our jaws off the floor and had the lovely tasting room manager Rayann all to ourselves.  She was so very sweet, and enjoyed her job so much, I wanted her job by the end of the tasting.

We tasted a variety of wines, all of them wonderful in their own way.  Ryan and I, of course, had our favorites.

Rebel Red: Being fans of reds, and sweet reds in particular, Ryan and I both fell in love with the Rebel Red.  The combination of two of the Chambourcin and Cabernet Franc makes for a sweet but bold red wine that can be served chilled.  Rayann told us that this is a great wine for spicy foods, because it takes some of the spice out as well as balances out the flavor of the wine. This also makes one heck of a Sangria.

Apple Mead:  I was dreaming about the Apple Mead for the rest of the day, and I am wishing I had gone back to get a bottle.  The bouquet sang of the fall and when the drink hit my tongue, I thought about pumpkins, warm fires, and the renaissance festival.  There are great notes of cinnamon and apple in this.  The mead does double duty, because it is refreshing for an after dinner drink served chilled or you can pour it into the crock pot and serve it warm on cooler nights.  I am sooooo going back in the fall to buy a case!

Ratafia:  One of the fortified wines, the Ratafia surprisingly went down smoothly.  Brandy is infused with the grape juice to create this sweet, dessert-like drink.  It was served in a special shot glass, just for kicks.

Out of all the wineries we visited last week, Windsor Run was definitely my favorite as far as wine tasting experience and ambiance.  It was charming, unassuming, laid-back, and relaxing.  I guess we could call this the “spa-experience” for wine-o’s.

Find out more information about Windsor Run Cellars here!

Ryan and I will be headed back up in the fall for the Harvest Festival.  I am already setting aside space in The Treehouse for my case of Apple Mead.  Salut!

What other wineries should Ryan and I try out in the South? We want to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Time to Wine: Windsor Run Cellars

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