Turning Tables

Sorry for the late post, everyone. I am exhausted. I am running on somewhere between two hours of sleep and two cups of coffee.  Kicking off the month of August, I wanted to share with you the bee-ee-ay-you-tiful transformation of the dining table.


The basic painting skills for furniture can be found here. This time, however, I threw on an extra coat.  I wanted a nice glossy finish on the table so it looked a little bit more luxe. I used the MinWax Polycrylic waterbased clear gloss.

Halfway through painting, I became rather fond of the white legs and debated for a whole of 10 seconds about whether or not I should paint them.  It took some serious soul searching, but, in the end the legs were getting the gray treatment.

The project breaks down like this…

Time: 4 hours from priming to finish

Cost: 3″ Trim Roller (I opted for a roller for the table top for a smoother finish) $3.77+

2 Glidden Interior Eggshell Base Testers $5.88+

MinWax Polycrylic 1 Quart $17.97= $29.55

I already invested in the oil based primer on the last project and it was fabulous!  So, dining room table looking sleek and modern with a touch of old world charm for UNDER $30!  Pretty sweet!


I am so excited to eat at this table!  Sadly, haven’t found any chairs yet.  Turns out I am more picky about the chairs than the table.  Spoiler Alert! They will be a bargain.  See you all tomorrow.  I am going to attempt to nap.  Yeah, right.



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