Time to Wine: Raffaldini Vineyards

Raffaldini Vineyards is probably the closest that can come to Tuscany in North Carolina.  Turning off a dirt road, the estate looms like a palace on the hill.

The vineyards are staggeringly huge!  We really felt like we weren’t even close to North Carolina at all, but, in fact, had been transported through an awesome worm hole to Italy.

I had to have a Sound of Music moment when I saw the mountains. Though it was hazy that day, it was just too beautiful to ignore.  I would love to come back up here to see what those mountains do during the fall.

We walked from the parking lot to the villa along a lovely path that we were instructed to stay on the entire time.  There were multiple benches off the path that looked so inviting, but I decided to be good and just keep walking.

The gardens here are gorgeous, as well.  I can definitely tell why this is a fantastic place to have a wedding.  Even I was humming the wedding march in my head, dreaming of vineyards nuptials.  Le sigh.

We made it through the heat and the sheer beauty of the villa took my breath away…Ryan even got a shot of my mouth hanging open. Thankfully that was not shared in this album.  ;P

Raffaldini hosts many events, mainly weddings.  However, you can also attend summer concerts in the vineyard, four course wine dinners, and wine festivals that pass through.  The venue itself is a true gem.  Imagine attending or planning a wedding here!

The lobby area leads up to the second floor, where you can pull up a chair and watch the afternoon stretch along while you sip a glass of wine.  That is one plus of this winery…you can take a bottle home with you, or enjoy a glass out on the patio.  Ryan and I did both, thank you very much!

Now we get down to the wines of Raffaldini. We were given 7 wines during the tasting.  There were some I just wasn’t a fan of, but then there were three that really knocked me off my feet.

Il Mezzogiorno: The sweeter of the red wines, this one was very smooth and had just enough sweetness to make the southern girl happy.

Bella Misto: A full bodied red, which I believe Raffaldini just didn’t have enough of, really swept me away.  The different flavors and aromas of this wine were divine.

La Dolce Vita: A cool, sweet sipping wine like Moscato with a zing!  I ended up taking this bad boy out on the patio with me and Ryan decided to commit and take a bottle home!

Our tasting guide Cynthia was fun to talk to and she was very lenient with us snapping pictures.  This place is just eye candy on the inside.

The outside was calling, so we grabbed our refilled glasses and sauntered out to the patio to enjoy some very wonderful “us” time.


The man is good at what he does! I love these shots of the vineyard and my wine glass looking oh-so-sexy.

This has become my newest favorite picture of me.  I am in my element…nature, summer breeze, with a glass of wine sitting across from my love.  Yes!

I love this shot of us, as well. To truly appreciate this, you have to understand that Ryan was operating the camera from about 5 yards away and then jogging to me before the timer went off.  But we still look as cool as cucumbers.  We were actually sweating bullets.  Ha!

Raffaldini was relaxing and luxurious.  Be sure to grab yourself a glass of wine, maybe even some of the great picnic food they have and just explore while you’re there!

For more information about Raffaldini, click here!

To go on your own Wine Country adventure, click here!

Don’t stop wining! Have a great winery you want to share with us?  We would love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Time to Wine: Raffaldini Vineyards

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  2. We love visiting Raffaldini. Like you, as you take that turn on the dirt road and see this amazing Tuscan Villa, you immediately forget you are still in NC. Next weekend is one of their biggest events of the year – their Italian Festival – but once agian, I won’t be able to make it. If you go, please take lots of pics and send me a link to your article. Ciao!!!

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