House Crashing: For Sale by Owner

Happy Tuesday everyone! I simply had to share this phenomenal for sale by owner that I got the immense privilege to tour yesterday.  This house is located at 1938 Hickory Drive in Lancaster, SC and has been completely updated.  How updated are you talking, Morgan? You’re thinking to yourself.  Oh, babies, let me show you!


This is a shot of the living/dining room before.  The floors look decent, but the room looks less than impressive, especially for entertaining purposes.


The floors have been refinished!  The light for the windows just glistens on the floors, and the room looks so much more sunny and bright! A great cozy cottage paint has given this once “blah” room a classy neutral feel.  The new light fixture for the dining area is simply gorgeous!


Before this room was tackled, you could hardly call this the “family room.” Well, maybe if your family is the Addams family.  Nothing but subfloor and cobwebs hanging from the ceiling.


I swear, this is the same room!  New laminate hardwoods have been put in, the rafters have been removed…nothing but smooth sailing-I mean, ceiling from here!  The ceiling fan adds a nice touch as well.  Now I really want to cozy up next to that wood burning fireplace.  I’m sure the holidays will be more than comfy here!


At first glance, the kitchen doesn’t look too bad.  But upon closer inspection, you tell this old kitchen is just beggin’ for an updatin’.The floors, the countertops, eek, the cabinets! And someone just needs to haul that oven to the old oven retirement home.


Updated cabinets, countertops, and backsplash bring this kitchen to the 21st century!  The all-new appliances fit beautifully, as well.  Check out the ceramic tile floor!  This kitchen has been given the luxury treatment.


The oven was indeed hauled off to the retirement home (he is resting comfortably there, thanks for asking), and a custom built pantry was set in its place.  The new range and built-in microwave make this great kitchen chef-ready!

BEFORE  I have no idea what the original owner was going for with this room, but this is supposed to be the master suite. The subfloor and the wall paper are doing absolutely nothing for this room, and that sliding glass door out to the screened porch might as well have a wall in its place, it’s so uninviting.


Hold up…is this the same room???!!! Look at that new, gorgeous carpet!  Check out the French doors inviting you out to the screened porch. And that paint color is sooo much more relaxing than that neon teal/wall paper combination on the wall.  Now this is a master suite!


The screen porch is nice and the fenced yard is dandy…but does anyone else feel like something is missing?  Maybe somewhere you can lounge during the day…maybe get a tan…or grill some steaks on in the evening…man, what do you call those things?


Oh, yes!  A deck!  Isn’t it just fabulous?  This great feature gifts extra outdoor entertaining space and makes the exterior of the home look so much more finished.  Simply spectacular!

Are you in love with this house? Live in the Lancaster area? Swing by and pick up a flyer!  Or message your interest and I will send you the owner’s number.


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