What I Do To Save Money: Aldi

Late post.  Monday is great!  So much to catch up from over the weekend.  I can’t wait to post the photos from Brittany and Hampton’s wedding that we attended this weekend. It was gorgeous, and they had a great surprise during the ceremony. But more on that later.

I love me some good deals, and I am always looking at ways to cut the cost of food.  Before my coupon-crazed compadres chime in, I do not have the time or patience…at the moment.  But, I will accept the challenge of being taught how to to coupon.  Any takers?

My Life’s Dream is to Have My Garage Look Like I Am Preparing for the Apocalypse…
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Couponing aside, though, I am always looking for ways to slash food costs, because, besides gas, that is a monthly expense that usually costs me about $250.  That’s money I would love to see go towards home improvement or traveling…maybe both?  At the big chains like Food Lion and Bi-Lo, I will drop about $100 a trip. That is ridiculous, especially since it’s just Ryan and I eating.  Wal-Mart is cheap, but it’s still about $60 a visit.

A few weeks ago, I took a chance and started shopping at Aldi.  There are some pros and cons to this great up and coming chain of grocery stores.  The main thing is that you will save tons of money. The downside is that stock is limited.  If you can help it, go first thing on a Sunday, that’s when i find the stock is at it’s highest.  But if you decide to go after work on a Monday…good luck.  Yesterday, however, I walked out of Aldi with my full week’s of groceries for only $29.17!  How awesome is that?

What makes Aldi different from the rest of the stores?

  • You have to buy a grocery cart.  You pay 25 cents to retrieve one, and then you will receive the quarter back when you bring your cart back.  This cuts down on the need for a cart boy, bringing costs of food down. 🙂
  • They only take debit and cash.  They will not take credit cards, so that you don’t have to foot the bill for credit costs while buying food.
  • Be sure to bring your own bags to Aldi. The first time I went shopping here, I had to get an empty crate to carry out my groceries because they don’t ask if you want paper or plastic.  Cutting back on this also saves you money.
  • You bag your own groceries.  There is a nifty bagging area that allows you to convert your groceries from the cart at check out to your bags, reducing the need for a bagger.  Pretty sweet!

In the past month I have been shopping at Aldi, my grocery totals have been $98!  No foolin’!  What are you doing to save money on groceries at your house?  I would love to hear about it!

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