Afternoon Snack: Dining Chairs!

I have finally figured out how to tackle to seating debacle in the dining area.  Last night, I came across these awesome chairs from IKEA…Terje.  Sleek, modern, and, my favorite part…only $16.99 a chair!  I could take my car up to IKEA next week and have these babies in the house before you can say “Have a seat!”

Now, you know me.  These guys are cute, but I really want to make them sexy and inviting for guests to sit in when we have dinners at The Treehouse.  I did a little bit of Pinterest surfing and this is what I found.

Inspiration from

Given the name of the manufacturer, I can only think that one of these beauties would go for $75 a piece…at least. A little paint, a stencil and voila! Custom-look chair!

Inspiration from

This is more up my alley.  I love the cushion idea, and it seems to fit the sleek and modern with a little mix of eclectic.  I would have to pull out the sewing machine for this project, though.  What do you think?

Inspiration from

Then we have the most expensive, but lazy-girl approved method…buy some chair cushions and call it a day.  I love these cushions, and at only $15 at world market, I am getting quite the bargain at $30 a chair.

Which option would you choose?





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