Time to Wine: Slightly Askew Winery

Finally getting around to the last post of our wine tour, the Slightly Askew Winery was an eclectic and pleasant surprise.  Located close to downtown Elkin, this winery houses more than just a good bottle of vino…it houses a magnificent home fermentation workshop.  And not only that, but if you want to make wine, as well, you can purchase the tools there!

After lunch, Ryan and I headed to Slightly Askew for dessert.  We were treated to a feast for the eyes as well as the palettes.  I have to say that I was distracted a good bit of the tasting, because my phone decided to go bonkers every two seconds and I had to answer it.  I was greeted with a smile and a glass of wine every time I came back in, however. The owner even offered to put my phone away for me until I was done.  🙂

Enough, talk, I am sure you want to see the sexiness.

The tasting room was so cozy and inviting, and I am just head over heels in love with the painting on the wall, here.  Check out the counters, as well.  Well done!

While I was blowing in and out of the door, Ryan was doing what he does best…taking pictures.  This makes wine tasting look EPIC!  My favorite out of all the wines had to be the Nasty Bastard (even the wines have fun names here), which was a Pomegranate/Wild Berry Zinfandel.  Can’t wait to pop that baby open.  🙂

Do you see this?  I want this picture for Christmas!  I am such a wine nerd, but that would look awesome next to the bar in the living room.

The wine list here was HUGE!  And, as far as wines go, they were relatively affordable.  Ryan stuck to mostly the whites and reds.  I stayed on the fruity side.  Yep, I know what I did there.

My new favorite thing…wine tree.  Yep, I do believe that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  And it’s NOT on Etsy…must have been a local artist.  I know what I am doing the next time I stop by here.  Can anyone around the area help me out with this?  Please and thank you!

The Summer Daze rocked my world, as well.  The Summer Daze is a watermelon white merlot…great to sip out on the porch on cool or hot nights.

Like most of the wineries we visit, Slightly Askew offers a free wine glass with the wine tasting.  Of course, you have to realize that Slightly Askew, is…well, ASKEW!  No stems on these glasses.  I love them!!! Great idea!

Take home a bottle…or 20!  Can’t wait to go back and try more wines!

Want to learn more about this great winery?  Click here!


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