All These Things That I’ve Done

While I was out running the other day, I noticed two things:

  1. It was noticeably cooler and less humid.
  2. The leaves were beginning to turn yellow and orange before falling off the trees.

The first thing on my mind…

I feel like I do this on a regular basis

Seriously, guys!  I have been busy this “Summer” but I haven’t really enjoyed it.  Not complaining, because I love having the job that I have, but I have been stuck in the “Arctic tundra” since May and I really haven’t left.  It’s a side effect of being a workaholic.  xp  The rude awakening of leaves falling from the trees was accented by Ryan taking his vacation days this past week.  You know what time he woke up today?  2:00 PM.  I love it that he is taking a few days off to enjoy the summer weather, but I am being a little bit of a pouty baby because I haven’t been able to even get down to the beach since April. Oi!

So, here is the Summer in review so far…with some Superlatives.  These are always fun.


Most Likely to Put Me To Sleep at Night

I completed the entire Fifty Shades series in about 2 months, beginning in May and wrapping up at the end of June. My overall opinion of the books?  Horrible writing mixed with more than tolerable sexy time makes me a very confused, tired person.  Which is why I usually read the books right as I was nestling in to bed.  I never did quite get the reason why Ana stayed as long as she did with Christian, but it did make for some great entertainment.


Most likely to eat me up, chew on me for a while, and spit me out into a sad, sore pulp.

   I gave (and am still giving) the fitness phenom P90X a try. When I found out that Ryan had the entire series from when he tried it a few years back, I decided to take my fitness routine to the next level.  The workouts were strenuous, but fun and I can really tell the difference in my overall health.  I haven’t been following the program as much as I would like, but I am still cranking at it about 4 times a week.  🙂  Even my friend Holly says I look “shrunker.”  Best adjective ever!

Splining the screen, which is mainly fitting the screen into the gap of the base, then rolling spline on top of it so it stays down.

Ryan and I actually put up a screened porch at the beginning of May and we have spent probably every other night out there.  The porch has already paid for itself.  I can’t wait until Fall when we can have our little firepit out there, as well.  Check out how we did it here!



My family and I went to Orlando at the end of May, which resulted in some well deserved downtime and great memories.  Biggest problem was that it was in May and now it seems like eons ago.  Good thing Ryan and I are going to be headed that way again in November.  Check out the epic journey chronicles here and here!

Meredith and I pose for the paparazzi. I loved her sweater. Too cute.

In June, American Idol came to Charlotte, which meant I HAD to audition.  I didn’t make it to the next round, but the experience of competing to be on the most sought after reality talent show on television was very rewarding and fun!  Check out my Idol Experience here!


Also, in July I became a Realtor. I was able to receive my salesman license and begin my apprenticeship under my mom at Allen Tate Company.  It has been quite the learning experience and has helped my summer move along quicker than expected.  It’s good to be busy.  Check out my website here!

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I made it up to North Carolina  wine country for the day.  It was great just to have 12 hours of relaxation and trying new things…and the wine wasn’t so bad, either.  You can see the three wineries we visted here, here, and here!


I guess, all in all, it has been a very productive Summer.  It’s amazing how fast it goes by.  With one month left, I am still figuring out ways to savor the warm weather.  What have been some of your Summer highlights?


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