I Art to Fill in the Frames…

Greetings and happy Thursday!  I am so glad it’s almost the weekend; I am worn out!  So, now that I have the frames down for my mirror wall in the master bedroom, I wanted to browse about for art to fill them with.  I searched Etsy and found some fabulous suitors.

Originally I was going to have a few inspirational quotes in a few frames, and then some art pieces in the others.  I even searched a few quotes, but nothing really spoke to me.  Music is what speaks to me, and lyrics are oftentimes more inspirational and moving to me than any quotes.  I searched my favorite music artists on Etsy, and this is what I came up with…some incredible inspiration pieces.

Courtesy of wallenvyart on Etsy.com

Everyone knows this Beatles classic.  I don’t know how I feel about doing a decoupage job on the bedroom wall, but I love the idea of having sheet music as a background for the lyrics.

Courtesy of sycamorestreetpress on Etsy.com

Edith Piaf embodies everything beautiful about Paris.  Her haunting voice does things to me and whenever I hear La Vie En Rose, I am taken back to my trip to Paris.

Courtesy of peelandstickdecals on Etsy.com

Okay, these aren’t lyrics but I am a Whovian.  Don’t know what a Whovian is?  Then you’re not cool at all-just kidding.  Doctor Who is an amazing British television show that features a man flying through space and time in a TARDIS, fighting aliens, and saving the world on a daily basis.  It has always been my dream to be a companion of his (this will never happen), so I am creating a piece where I too get to travel with the man in the blue box ( or at least in my dreams).


Courtesy of peelandstickdecals on Etsy.com

Every girl should have a smurf penis on her wall.  This is actually a blue French horn, but being a How I Met Your Mother fan, nothing says “romance” quite like a stolen blue French horn hanging over the fireplace mantel.  Or, in my case, on my bedroom wall.  This will just be a little reminder to myself to not except anything more than extraordinary from each day.

Courtesy of peanutoakprint on Etsy.com

With The Treehouse and my bird addiction, I had to throw in a “Blackbird” quote from one of my favorite Beatles songs.

Courtesy of keepitfancy on Etsy.com


Courtesy of kandvcrafts on Etsy.com


I had the pleasure of attending Mr. A to Z’s concert this past Tuesday, and it was, in a word AMAZING!  These two pieces are inspired by two of his songs.

Courtesy of justdallasdesign on Etsy.com

I lurv me some Ingrid Michaelson. I think I will trade out these lyrics for “The Way I Am” lyrics, instead.  The idea of the piece is lovely, though.

Courtesy of houseoftenderbeasts on Etsy.com

Another Beatles lyric.  But man, I love this color!

Courtesy of ataglancegraphics on Etsy.com


Florence + The Machine rocks my socks off, and this song always brings me up, no matter how sheisty I feel.

Not lyrics, but if you have ever seen Sex and the City you should be familiar with Beethoven’s letter to his “immortal beloved.”  The chevron pattern is a sweet touch, as well.

Know of any other lyrics or art pieces that you think I should be adding?  Send them my way in the comments section!  Have a great Thursday!




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