Labor Day Weekend Round Up

This weekend is going to be a busy one.  I am thrilled to actually have two and a half days off work, but I have no intentions of relaxing during the daylight hours.  This weekend will be dedicated to the projects I intended to have finished by, well, today and then some.
This will be a quickie post, because I am trying to get everything done before the long Labor Day weekend.  And, oh yeah, only four posts next week guys, because on Monday I am helping my mom out by showing a house and then I am headed up to IKEA!  It’s gonna get wild!  That will be a fun post.
My Labor Day Weekend Get On This Already Palooza:

  • Rip out narsty shower door and replace it with a bright and awesome shower curtain!
  • Hosting my very last Pure Romance party…more on that later.  With pictures!
  • Decorate for the fall with some awesome ideas I found on Pinterest
  • Prime and paint the living room cabinet…
  • Seal the desk in the kitchen for a lovely gleam…
  • IKEA trip…
  • Watch “When Harry Met Sally.”  It’s a tradition for September. My favorite fall movie.

It had to be you…

With that being said, have a fabulous weekend!  What are your plans?

4 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Round Up

  1. I know this is crazy, but DIY is how I play. It’s fun for me. Which is why I am so excited to get this weekend to do it. And I can’t wait to show off the fruits of my labor on Tuesday. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

    <3, Morgan

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