Splish Splash: Shower Refresher

Hello kids!  It’s story time again; this time the story is about the Grody Shower from 1985…this grody shower in particular. The poor thing was just pathetic.  I always felt dirtier coming out of the thing than I did going in.  Something needed to be done, and man, did I do it up BIG!

Step One: Sliding out the doors really isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Bring the door as close to the center of the track as possible.  Then, push up on the door so the wheels come off the track.  Swing the door outwards towards you and the door comes right out…nice and easy.  The doors literally came off in 3 minutes.

The shower doors doing to James Dean lean in the hallway.

Step 2: The actual frame needs to be removed.  Here’s the thing…my frame was so flimsy the top part came off while I was taking the doors off the track.

So, pop the top off and get ready to pull out the tools.  You will need a scraper and a screwdriver.  I am not going to lie…I used a butter knife for the scraper.  Worked just as well, and I just had to throw it in the dishwasher afterwards.  The scraper is to separate the adhesive from the tub so that the sides of the shower frame will fall right off.  Easy enough.

Once the adhesive has been for the most part removed, you can start working on the screws.  A powered screw driver is just easier for this job.  Remove all the screws and chuck them.  You’re not going to need them after this.  The sides should come off in a snap.

Step 3: Remove the bottom of the track.  This actually gave me a bit of a fight.  The adhesive was very strong here, and I actually had to pull out my hammer to pry it from the tub.

Yeah, my hammer is pink 🙂

Once the full frame has been removed, get ready use the elbow grease.  All the adhesive has gots to go! Stand back, gunk and grime.  There is a new sherriff in town.


Step 4: Get to scraping.  Again, I highly recommend an actual scarping tool and NOT kitchen knick-knacks like spatulas and knives.  Work rather well, though.  I scraped off the first layer with the spatula and threw it in the trash.  Afterwards, I got some bathroom cleaner and a sponge to loosen up the grime and adhesive.

Ghetto Tools R Us

Gettin’ Down in Thar

This is the hardest part, but you have to scrape, scrub, spray, scrub, and rinse a few times before it all comes off.  But when it does, man, it’s quite the victory.

Sooo much better.

The track actually left quite the stain, and I will have to call in a bleacher to clean up this mess.  But regardless, I am so excited I won’t be totally terrfied to take baths anymore.

Now the actual fun part. Hanging the curtain!  I went to Target for my supplies, and they cost me less than $50!

The shower bar is adjustable. All I had to pull was twist it into place.

I fell in love with the curtain hangers.  They were only $12 for a box, and they go so well with the curtains and my French-style bathroom.

I set the hooks up on the rob to make sure that I had enough and then I started hooking them in with the shower curtain facing out and the liner facing in.

The curtain is my favorite part of the update.  It’s feminine, simple, and I got it for a steal!

So, let’s recap for the pure satisfaction of it all.


And now it is picture perfect!


Open and airy.  It makes the bathroom look so much bigger.  Bring on the bath bubbles!!!

What projects did you tackle over the long weekend?


8 thoughts on “Splish Splash: Shower Refresher

    • I promise you, it seems so daunting, but then you have a cup of coffee, look at the darn thing that has been the bain of your existance and you just go for it. Took me about 2 hours but I did it all by myself. best thing I have done in a while.

      Thanks for reading! <3,

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