And At the End of the 3rd Quarter: Home Update

I cannot believe how fast the year has gone by.  I began this blog about 5 months ago on a whim, and it has brought some clarity and organization into my otherwise aimless life.  It started out as just a thing to do for the sake of finishing it.  I never expected it to really become a source of excitement and goal-setting.  However, it has!  And what a vast improvement this little home blog has made on my house.  It’s been a while since I have provided an updated house tour (I mean, geez, the last tour had my old futon still in the living room), and I believe that the beginning of the Fall season is the perfect time to provide you all with a little refresher.

This was the living room, and I guess I should amend that to just the living room back in May.  Since then there have been several changes made; the biggest change being that I have split the living room into a living and dining area.

Of course, I bought a new couch.I cannot tell you how much more time I spend curled up on Couchy late at night, reading or watching movies.  Sunday afternoons are great napping on this big softy.

Splitting off the two rooms is currently proving to be a little bit of a challenge.  I have  a few ideas in the works, however, and will be playing with them within the next months.


Currently, I had to move some furniture around, because my stacks of DVDs made the room look cluttered along with the oversized TV that Ryan is letting me borrow until I decide to spring for a flat screen.  When the day comes, then I will be able to put the fireplace back in its rightful spot.  Currently, it is anchoring the dining area.

And, oh, what a dining area it is!  I am really excited about my trip to IKEA and will give you a break down of what I bought.  Aren’t these chairs awesome?  Eeee!  And sooo comfy, too.


Another shot of the dining area.  Eventually, the surround sound will be taken out, and I will have that little wall to put in some shelves or something…still debating.  More to come on that later.

The kitchen really hasn’t seen much updating, except for the new desk and photo wall.  I am letting this room rest, I guess you could say.  I am still debating on counter tops, hardware, and whether or not I want a pantry.

One thing that will definitely be happening?  The 1980’s fan that has been collecting dust since before I was born.  That thing is quite bothersome.  Oi!

This was the master bedroom before my total furniture clean out and feature wall.  I cannot get over how cluttered this room was.  Hardly relaxing.

I got rid of all of my baby furniture, and brought the futon from the living room to the bedroom for a reading area.  And yes, I love lounging about on lazy afternoons all over the house. The pillow on my bed says “Unwind”…don’t mind if I do. 🙂

Yay for the bedroom feeling bigger! Just overlook the boxes.  This is just transition storage until I figure out where everything will be going as far as media goes.

I love the accent wall with my new “bookcase” and painted frames. I am still sitting with the idea of putting lyrics in the frames.  They are just so beautiful on their own, I don’t want to bog them down too much.  See the stack of frames on the dresser.  I feel a quick, easy weekend project coming up soon.

I think so far this year, this has got to be my favorite home rejuvenation…this shower door has been grossing me out since I moved in 3 years ago.  Nothing 2 hours and a little bit of elbow grease couldn’t fix, though.

Eventually, Maddie’s litter box will be moved to the second bedroom and I will have some extra under the cabinet space for storage…or maybe even a new cabinet with double sinks!  Now that would be awesome! The one thing is that I really am tired of having to sweep up cat litter every morning just so I can put on my make up.

I love the new spa-like feel of the bathroom now that the shower door has been taken out and a soft curtain is in its place. The next thing to be fixed in this room?  The floors!  Oh yeah, baby.  🙂

These pictures will be added to the Home Tour page.  Stay tuned for new updates!

What should I do next?  I love to hear input!

As always, thanks for reading, guys!





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