Fall Pinterest Challenge Accepted

Yesterday, I was sitting on the porch and I felt the first breeze of Fall blow across my skin.  Before it retreated and the lingering heat of Summer settled back in, I paused a moment to sigh with relief and excitement.  I love the Fall.  Everything about it…the leaves, the cooler air, the pumpkin lattes-by the way, guess who got a Starbucks gift card?  This girl!  I will only be able to get one drink with it, but still. One more than I had, right?  Anyways, I am just an autumnal baby.  I love it, and cannot get enough of it.

I had to find a way to ring in the new season, and what better way than a Pinterest challenge.  I am not going to lie, my Pinterest visits have been few and far between lately, simply because by the end of the crazy work day, I am just too exhausted to troll around and that beautifully addictive site.  I was able to scrounge up a few great Fall decorating ideas a few weeks ago, however, and I did want to share with you how well…or not so well I pulled them off.


Courtesy of choosetothrive.blogspot.com

I loved this project for several reasons; the first being that I love a good seasonal brew and second this project was screaming to be put on my mantle.  The project cost me a trip to Hobby Lobby and Target as well as a little bit of a beer gut but it was very much worth it.

Project Cost: Fall “Wheat” Faix Greenery from Hobby Lobby (40% sale): $6

Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale (Case of 6): $7

White Enamel Acrylic Paint: Free (Already in my epic paint collection)

Project Time: 1 Hour

First things first, I had to drain four bottles of beer.  My best girlfriend Anna came over, we watched Wilfred, had pizza and a bottle or two of the Blue Moon.  So good.  I love projects that give me some enjoyment before the project itself has even started.  Points for instant gratification.

The next step was not nearly as fun.  I ran the sink with hot water and soaked the bottles for about 15 minutes so that the labels would get soft enough I could peel and/or scrub them off.  After the shower scrubbing, I honestly had no interest in scrubbing anything ever again, let alone a couple of bottles that have been immersed in piping hot water.

I persevered though (jeez, first world problems much?) and soon had four clean and ready to paint bottles.

The painting portion of the project was very easy, as well.  When you use an enamel for the glass instead of the typical acrylic, the paint will not only last longer, it will fuze to the glass and make it easy to wash down the road.  I didn’t use a stencil.  I just free handed the lettering and I believe that it turned out superb.

The mantle looks cozy in the dining area currently, and sprucing it up with the bottles gave it a warm feel.  I had to clear off some photos, but with the pumpkin scented candle and the little owl (I am starting to think I have an owl obsession) the look is simply perfect.

I had to take advantage of the BOGO offer Yankee Candle was advertising.  Now my living room smells like pumpkin.  Pretty awesome.  The owl figurine I got from Hobby Lobby (also 40% off…see a pattern yet?).

PIN #2: Pumpkin Centerpiece

These pumpkins are so cute.  The monochromatic scheme is what caught my eye.  I am loving to silver, as well as the candles coming out of the pumpkins.

I bought the candlesticks from IKEA and the pumpkins from Hobby Lobby.  I am not going to lie, I am actually quite fond of the pumpkins remaining the original color, but I think I am still going to spray paint these guys over the weekend.

I am loving the table runner I got from Target, though.  It was marked down to $12.49.  I love a good deal.  The more I look at the pumpkins, the more I really want to reach for the Rustoleum.


Courtesy of Midwestliving.com

This is my little cheat post.  I loved the idea of putting lettering on the pumpkins, but then I went to Hobby Lobby to get the supplies.  Faux pumpkins are expensive over there, even marked down 40%!  So, I decided to take a different route and monogram a pumpkin instead.

I bought this little pumpkin for $5 (a little bit more reasonable) from Wal-Mart. I found a font that suited me and I took a black Sharpie to it.  After the pattern was drawn out, the black enamel acrylic paint came out and in a matter of ten minutes, I had my very own monogrammed pumpkin!

I sprayed a clear coat sealant on it to weather proof it a little before I set it outside for the neighbors to see.  It goes very nicely with my preexisting fall wreath and garland.  But, wouldn’t you know it, my flowers are in full force still.  I love it, but I am hoping they die off a little bit before Halloween.  I have a graveyard to build.  🙂

How are you decorating your home for the Fall season?  I would love to see!  Leave your comments, pins, and blog links here!


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