Weekend Round Up: Switching Some Stuff Around

This weekend is going to be a very short one, since I will be sitting desk at the office then hosting an open house on Sunday.  I am also going to try to slip in some Panther’s football.  Ee!  Gotta love my Panthers.

And since my weekend is going to be so short-lived, the projects I have lined up will be little quickies, as well.


  • Clean out the guest room and get it ready for some major changes.  Yes, there is a guest room in my house.  Up until now, it has been an untouchable space.  I am thrilled to get that square footage back, and do some awesome things with it.
  • Reorgizanize kitchen cabinets.  It just needs to be done.
  • Set up the new light fixture in the dining room.  I got one of these guys last weekend at IKEA.
Courtesy of IKEA

And this is what I am going to keep it to this weekend.  I can’t afford to get too crazy with the home projects or else I will get exhausted.  Have a great weekend everyone!  I will see you Monday!

What are some things you are planning on doing this weekend?  Soaking up that last bit of summer sun?  Tackling a home project? Tailgating? I want to hear about it!


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