You Light Up My Life…

The saga of the dining area continues.  It has been quite the wild ride.  First I was able to find a dining table for free, paint it, and then got quite the deal on dining chairs, as well. I was still bothered that there really wasn’t anything to set the dining area apart from the living area. And so I stayed up late at night, and pondered but the answer wasn’t clear to me until last Monday. I went to IKEA to pick up the basics that you have seen, and I saw this awesome lamp that actually included something that resembled a pendant light.

Courtesy of IKEA

I had to hunt it down at the exit, but it ended up coming home with me.  I had to wait for a week before I could assemble it, though, because there was more furniture in the living room than I knew what to do with.  Saturday, I got to take this beauty out of the box and play with it a little bit.  Assembly was easy, but once I was finished, the light actually hung directly over the table.  So much so that I had to “hike it up” a little bit with the assistance of three screws and fishing wire.  Now that lamp sits at a comfortable level above the table and it adds a modern formal appeal.

Someone please, please remind me to paint those pumpkins this weekend.  Their orangeness is starting to wear on me.  Think they are starting to wear on Mads, too.  I wake up each morning to find them either in the floor or hiding elsewhere.  But definitely not on the table where they belong.  Naughty kitty.

I cannot wait until I can have some people over here during the cooler nights and turn on the fireplace.  It’s going to be fun resting with a food coma in those cozy chairs with the fireplace glowing.  😀

A full shot of the living area/dining area.  I moved the couch around because it was overcrowding the space.  The television is now in the guest room, and I am quite pleased with the open airy feel of the room.  I might add a slipper chair down the road, but that’s only if I stumble upon “the one.”

Ah yes, you probably didn’t realize this, but I paint paint furniture, as well.  This peacock table I completed while I was in college and it was all the rage in the dorm.  For the past few years it has served as a TV stand.  Now the old girl is back to her former glory!  But I do believe with all the strong colors in the room, she will be getting a makeover soon.  Something a little more color neutral, but nothing short of amazingly ornate.

I threw a mirror up on the wall where an old picture used to be.  I am going to have to touch up the paint on this wall though, since it was chipped by some rogue wall decals from last Christmas.  I am still debating on whether or not to paint this room, just yet.  I am just too lazy (yawn). A few frames will be joining the mirror soon enough, though.

So, this is where I am currently with the living room.  I am quite fond of it.  I have an entire guest room to myself now as well.  Check it out!

It’s currently functioning as the exercise/cat room but soon it will be a work of art.  I cannot wait to get started on it.  This weekend maybe?  (Maniacal laugh)

What do you think about the updated living room?  Any thoughts on what I should do with the paint color?  What kind of slipper chair should I go with?  Any awesome dining rooms you would like to share?  I want to hear about it!


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