Life’s a Beach: Guest Room Inspiration

Good morning, everyone.  I am feeling especially productive this morning, because I am officially cooking my very first slow cooker meal in my new crock pot.  I am beyond excited, but more on that tomorrow.

As of right now, I have an additional 200 square feet that is a total blank slate.  And I am also thrilled about this.  As of right now, I just have an old school tube television and a shelf in there.

What I am looking to do with this space is have a media room as well as a guest room.  Right now, I am not a big fan of carting that television back into the living room #1: It takes up a ton of space and #2: I almost lost a few of my toes moving it back to the guest room.  Eventually this monster of a television will be switched out for a flat screen.  😀  Until then, it is doing it’s job, which is just playing my P90-X DVDS. Oh yes, I want a little bit of the space to be my exercise room, as well, so I can’t do too much with this room furniture-wise.

I love the beach, and I have decided to pull a few key elements to create the ultimate beach retreat in the center of Rock Hill.

Courtesy of Pinterest

My inspiration painting.  I love the greys and blues of this Japanese art piece.  I also wanted to throw in a little yellow for a sunny lift.


Courtesy of

Throw in a dash of white and I am one happy panda.

Courtesy of

I love the color on the walls.  I have always wanted to get a little crazy with the greys.  Now I think is the perfect time to give it a try.  Also, I am a big fan of the dandelion decal on the wall.   I going to do the same thing, except I am going to switch it out for a more beach-y design.

Courtesy of

Just picture these little starfish outlined on the wall behind my daybed.  Ooooo this is going to be a fun project!

Courtesy of

When my guests come over, I would love them to feel like they are in a hotel.  Framing out the closet with some crown molding as well as painting it to look as if it has architectural molding will add a luxury hotel feel.

Courtesy of

Eventually, laminate flooring will be put down throughout the house.  When this occurs, an area rug in a sandy color with a little bit of a fish scale design (it’s actually called scalloped but I also like to think it looks like a mermaid fin).

Courtesy of Pinterest

I love the log table in this room.  I currently have two logs drying in the garage at my parents’ house, waiting to be stripped and sealed to make two lovely end tables.  That’s going to be a fun project.

Courtesy of

This lamp is simply phenomenal!  It reminds me of a piece of driftwood, but has a bit more of a modern twist because of the material it’s made from.  Found out, it’s some special kind of plastic.  Loving this!

Courtesy of

I am going to need a media center for my new flat screen, and this sunny twist on an IKEA bookcase is dead on.  Taking some yellow rustoleum paint to this easy to assemble entertainment center brings a warmth to the room.

Courtesy of Target

This slipper chair’s color is actually called “surf.” How perfect is that?  If I am able to get a pair of these around the same color, I can host some awesome movie nights.  This will also add to the hotel ambiance of the room.

Courtesy of Target

This duvet cover reminds me of the soft foam that crests on top of the waves at the beach. It also looks so soft and cushy.  I might have to start sleeping in the guest room. 🙂

So, that’s the plan for the guest room.  What do you guys think?  Have any great beach-like/modern accessories to bring it up a notch? I would love to hear about it.

Happy Thursday!






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