Window Shopping: Art, Funk, and Junk

Last Friday, I was driving from a town tour in Indian Land through downtown Fort Mill.  I have driven this route many times before, but something in particular caught my eye this time.  The store front was so inviting, I immediately stopped my car and went right inside to browse the inventory.  The antique store I am referring to is Art, Funk, and Junk, and the best way I can describe it is “classic eclecticism.”

Courtesy of Art, Funk, and Junk

While browsing I heard everything from Nirvana to folk music.  The treasures in this store are phenomenal!  I was only able to snap a few pictures of my favorite pieces before I had to leave on a time crunch.  I have every intention of going back sometime this weekend.

One thing the store is not short on is antique window panes.  This one, in particular, is dated circa 1870’s and only costs $45.  With a coat of paint, you can make some gorgeous displays.

I fell in love with this cottage-inspired chair as soon as I saw it at the front of the store.  Besides having me at “hello,” this chair is so very comfortable. I started fantacizing about it resting next to my couch.  At only $80, this chair could easily be upholstered and STILL be below what I would be paying for a new arm-chair. Thoughts?

Then I got a little bit of a crush on this almost Parisian chair.  It was less expensive than the chair at the front and had a removable cushion, making painting and upholstering excessively more easy.  I would add more batting to the seat for a more comfortable perching place.

Okay, let’s just say I was like a little pin ball going between all the chairs trying to pick out my favorite.  This bench actually seems to match my little Parisian chair.  I believe the pair would look perfect in the living area.  Again a little more batting would make this seat absolutely wonderful.

To take yourself shopping at this store, go here!


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