I Used to be a Pure Romance Consultant: Ask Me Anything

As I begin to close the curtain on one of the biggest phases of my life, my life as a Pure Romance consultant, I feel like some attention must be paid to this crazy job and what it meant to me over the past two years. Pure Romance is a direct sales company that specializes in at-home parties and selling lotions, lubricants, lingerie, and bedroom accessories. At the end of my demos, I would always open up the floor for my customers to ask me any questions they ahd about being a consultant, whether they be of the personal or professional nature.  My favorites were the personal ones, but the professional questions often led to adding “girls” to my team and expanding my little PR family. With this week being my absolute last week in”the business,” i am going to review my favorite questions that have been asked of me over the years and answer them truthfully.  Then I am going to “open the floor” once more for any questions you may have.


Nope. I am a girly girl.  I love wearing pink, dresses, and the only leather that I own is a jacket I got as a Christmas gift. I do not have a “red room of pain” in my house, either.  There have been parties in the past where that was honestly the the perception of the “sex toy” consultant.  The ladies have been pleasantly surprised. 🙂

My Usual Outft…TakenToday. Mommy thought I looked adorable


I was a 22 year old college grad with a degree in music and couldn’t do a darn thing with it.  This is wayyyy back when I was still a lowly assistant at the real estate office where my mom works. My job was to make sure every house of ours had brochures, which meant that I was stuck in front of a computer about 32 hours a week.  As much as I loved working for mom, it was mind-numbing work. This resulted in me having occasional nervous breakdowns thinking to myself “Dear God, I am going to be doing this the rest of my life!”  I began searching for more stimulating work, and that’s when I found Pure Romance.  I was a PR “virgin”, which meant that I had never been to a party.  I was a little intimidated by the products, but upon further inspection, I fell in love with the company and everything it stood for, mainly female empowerment.  I purchased my kit and never looked back.

My very first “expo”


You guys, I was terrified.  I was sweating bullets the entire time but my friends laughed along with me, I had cue cards, and I got through it.  After 3 or 4 times, I was feeling like a pro!


The Whipped shea butter lotion.  The Whipped is flavored and smells ohhhhh soooo good.  I am sniffing my hands right now.  My favorite flavor/scent is Strawberry Cheesecake.  Fun fact! It is also the first PR product I tested.


It was my first year and I decided to go to National Training in Cincinnati.  My PR “mother” Tonya, my “sister” Renee and I attended the Board Breaking Ceremony on the last day.  We sat through this wonderful empowering speech about conquering fears and “breaking through” to the other side of that fear.  At the end of the presentation, we were taught how to break wooden boards, and then we had to actually bust through them.  Crazy stuff! We wrote down our fears on one side, and on the other side our dreams.  When it came to be my turn, it took me a few tries.  I actually had to give my hand a rest.  But the moment I actually broke through the board, I began to sob.  It was simpy amazing!

We is some board-bustin’ mothas!


I got a phone call at 3 AM from a customer, telling me how wonderful the product she had purchased was and that her boyfriend really wanted to say “thanks.”  I told her “right on” and went back to sleep.  Funny stuff.


It has brought in so many great people.  My sponsor for one has been one of the most upbeat and funny women I have ever known.  One of the reasons why I stayed in the business so long was because of my Pure Romance sisters.  It has also taken some years off my life socially.  I will not lie, working weekends was hard on my friendships, and I honestly think I lost several friendships along the way because I was working so much.  One thing I never truly learned was balance.  It’s very important, especially when you are self employed.

Mama “Holla” and Me

Pure Romance has also taught me to keep an open mind.  Over the years, I have made contact with tons of womenfrom many walks of life: lesbians, virgins, Muslims, Catholics, swingers, women that have never had an orgasm.  I treat each of them with respect, and I actually learned so much.I don’t believe that I would be the same woman I am today without all the great women I have met since I began my business.

Me and My First PR “baby” Angela


I really have no problem with sharing that.  As a consultant who obtained the 50% discount for life, I actually made half of everything I sold.  In 2011, my total sales were near $30,000. I actually made more money at my party job last year than I did at my desk job.


The hardest workers make the most money.  Stop bitching and moaning when someone is doing better than you and aim to learn from that person.  There are going to be good parties and there are going to bad parties…all that matters is that you learned something from each experience.  Listen! Listen! Listen! Shadow as many consultants as you can…you will pick up things along the way. Learn to say “no.” The phone is your best friend.  No one loves you like a Pure Romance sister does.

Renee, Me, and Tonya at National Training

Now, it’s your turn to ask me anything!  Please keep the questions pG-13 though.  Thanks for a great 2 years of business to all my customers!  I love you all!


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    • I left because I obtained my real estate license in 2011. To help my mom out, I started helping her with the legwork, which meant I was already driving an additional 50 miles a week. Tack on 200-500 miles a month with Pure Romance and my little business started becoming a hinderance to my day job. If you are able to work 60 hours a week, right on. It became too much for me physically. But I did really enjoy it. Just wanted a little bit more time for myself. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      • If anyone is interested in signing up to be a Pure Romance consultant, please, give me a call at 772-559-7211.

      • I love this story…I am located in Missouri, St. Louis and the metro area if you would like to sign up or get more information please call me at 3149220444. My mission is too see everyone succeed. You can also host a party or order email or call me anytime.

  1. I am a single mom with two teenagers. I work full time and then I work a second job as a waitress. The second job is not very rewarding financially and I dread going in every day. I am seriously considering becoming a Pure Romance consultant. I just attended my first party and I had so much fun! Can you please share with me how it was financially for you in the beginning, and on average how much you sold or made per party? I heard that the average was $500 in sales. I am a very friendly, fun person who has experience in sales. I am also the type that checks out every angle before making an important decision. If I do join Pure Romance, I would want to be making 50%, and would need to purchase the most expensive package. Any info or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!!

    • When I started out, I was making about $150 average a party. I worked my way up to 50% status within the first 3 months. After that, I was making $200-$500 a night. I worked about 5-10 parties a month, so I was banking about $1000 extra a month. It was a lot of fun, really easy once I got up the nerve to get on the phone. I miss it sometimes, but I am glad to start this new chapter in my life. On the phone, I would spend about 3 hours a week. Each party lasted about 3.5 hours. My weekends were usually booked up. I hope this helps. And yes, if you want to start out making 50% instead of working your way up (not hard to do) I would suggest one of the kits that is listed as 50% for life (which is just as long as you’re an active consultant, not your actual life). Thanks for reading!

  2. I just bumped into this blog.. I hope you are loving life right now — where ever it takes you. I can truly say that Pure Romance must have lost a wonderful consultant when you left 😦

    I am a consultant of 6 years with Pure Romance myself and I LOVE what I do for sure 🙂

    • I am loving my life very much. I am now a realtor, and I am in sales still…more or less. I still get the rush from helping a family out. I am happy to have my weekends and nights back, so I can spend more time with my partner and my family, as well. I am glad that you are still excelling in Pure Romance. I wish the absolute best for you, and feel free to bump into this blog again. ❤ Morgan

  3. Can you please tell me what is in each consultan kit. I’m going to be signing up soon but can’t see the comparison sheet on my phone.

  4. I’m one of those many people thinking about becoming a consultant. What didn’t you like about being a consultant? Besides losing nights and weekends. How did you network? I feel like I might not know enough people to have parties consistently. How did you handle telling friends and family about you new career choice?

  5. I loved being a consultant. What i didn’t like was working 40 hours a week at my day job then clocking 20 more with Pure Romance. Networking is so much easier than people think. It’s called being nice and talking to people. In the beginning I would talk to women with the motivation to push my business. But they would get turned off by that. So I just got to know each person I spoke to. If the conversation came around to what i did ONLY THEN did I tell her. We might trade numbers or emails and stay in touch and I could keep that person in my pocket for later on. I got to know more people that way. It was easier that way and you come off more genuine. Women would tell me they liked me best because I didn’t have the crazy-eyed consultant look about me. No, because I just like to talk. If it got me a business lead, great. If it didn’t I made a new contact. I didn’t have a problem with telling friends and family. If they didn’t think it was a good business idea then I was not going to do it. But they were very supportive and rooted me on. Don’t expect your friends and family to be the ones to “help” you start your business though. Because you are family and they don’t have to have that accountability with keeping up public appearances, they may never throw a party for you. Now, you can use them to keep the fishing lines out for new leads but it will be better honestly just to use your key contacts to find other women who may want to throw a party. Again, WIDENING your sphere of influence. Hope this helps

  6. I am very interested in becoming a consultant… To become a consultant do I just purchase the starter kit & I’m in? I’d like. To know what all I need to do to become a consultant!
    Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi! I just tried to post a comment and I don’t think it worked but If you get the same thing twice, feel free to only respond once! I was researching becoming a consultant and found your blog. I hope everything is going well with your new career! I love PR products and have had a couple parties which are always fun. I recently attended my friends party and the consultant told us how much she was making.. On top of being a full time student! Omg! Lol I’m going abroad for a semester in the fall and am trying really hard to save up money. My second job is awful and I am ready to quit. I want to become a consultant but I am also worried about the investment. Obviously for me it won’t be exactly the same as it was for you, but I am curious: did you feel like you earned the money back from buying the kit rather quickly? I would definitely continue parties when I got back from Europe and hopefully can satisfy any clients via the Website while im abroad.. But I’m worried that only working for 6 months might not have as large of a pay out as I think? How did you feel financially after being with PR for 6 months? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Lexi

  8. I just found this post as part of a google search. I just signed up to become a consultant and loved how positive your experience was. Thanks for writing about it. It made me feel good about the decision I made. I’ve started a blog as part of my networking (social media social media social media) and am hoping to be entertaining and educational there =) http://www.romanticlane.wordpress.com

  9. I am a pure Romance consultant and I love it. The freedom to work weekends only or weekdays only is awesome. Being able to take a vacation and write it off is an amazing thing. I try and learn something new about Pure Romance allthe time.
    if you have any questions, give me a call or email or text and I will gladly answer them. Also Our kits are on sale right now.
    423.847.7007 prbylala.com, prbylala@yahoo.com
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Have a great day!

  10. Hey I just had a question. If you were doing a party and a man showed up to the house what would you do? What if it was his house and refused to leave? What if a guy hooked up a hidden camera to spy on a party? Just asking since I am a guy and don’t know the answers to this.

      • Pure Romance instructs that any time there is a child or a man on the premise then we MUST leave. After all, it is your house and if you don’t want to leave then you don’t have to, however, as I stated then the consultant MUST leave. At which point, you will have a group of angry women on your hands!

      • I am being honest, although the hidden camera part was a bit too far. I’m more curious how you as a consultant would handle a man coming home…would you ask him to leave his own house? What if he refused to leave? That’s all I’m curious about, nothing wrong with just asking.

      • Chris– in the situation of a stubborn man (I’ve been a consultant for 6 years and never had this issue)– I would leave if he wouldn’t– and he can be in charge of explaining to all the ladies that were excited to be there WHY he just couldn’t leave for an hour. . There is no grey line here .

        Pure Romance is all about empowering, educating, and entertaining ladies in a comfortable in-home setting. Comfort takes many forms.. and one of those forms is knowing that the husband or boyfriend of the hostess isn’t staring at the intimate products you are considering to use on your own or with your partner. Most ladies that attend out parties will NEVER step foot in a store setting that sells similar products– NEVER.

        The men cannot be present for the demo– however– they are welcome to come back after the presentation– and they can even join their significant other in the private shopping room, too.

        The benefits of the men NOT being present outweigh the benefits he perceives if he is present. Period. The men typically reap the most rewards — because their partner wants to please them!

    • Chris,

      I apologize if you thought I was criticizing. The first two questions were valid and I hope that they were answered by the consultants who frequent this post. The third was just ridiculous in nature. I would hope that if the man in question had gone to such lengths to view the party, he would not reveal his tactics. And, if he is found out by the hostess, it is up to her to deal with that behavior, not the consultant.

  11. Thank you so much for this blog! I am very interested in becoming a consultant bc I love the products and I love what the company seems to be about. Of course it can also be a good source of extra income. However, I’m concerned as to how to get parties. My friends have been at the parties I’ve gone to with me so they’ve been to one. How do I build the contacts initially?

  12. Thank you for this blog. I have been a Pure Romance Australia consultant for just over a year and i love it. I stumbled across your blog while looking for information for some of my recruits and you have answered so many things which i can now teach my girls! 🙂 I will definitely be teaching all my girls The key to a successful business is BALANCE!! Thank you for sharing your story with the world 🙂

  13. I want to become a consultant but I’m a lil worried about how much time it will take from my son. I’m a single mommy to a 19 month old and I work 40 hours a week. My weekends are spent with my son. How much time would this take away from you? I could really use the extra money and some adult time but I just a lil worried that it will take my time from him. Your thoughts?

    • Hey Linda. Great question. Pure Romance is a great option if you are looking for a lucrative alternative from your day job. The extra money IS nice, but it will detract from your personal time with your son if you continue to work the 40 hour a week job and do Pure Romance on the side. I was working 40 hour weeks at my office and sometimes doing 12 parties a month. I was filthy stinkin’ rich but I noticed that my personal life was going down the tubes. It’s all a balancing act and sometimes you have to choose. If you are already dedicating 40 hours a week to work, that is honestly more than enough. But if you are thinking about leaving your job, save up about 3 months living expenses as well as money for your kit. Set office hours during the day to make booking calls and set up orders. Then you can schedule parties whenever you want. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  14. I’ve been researching these type businesses and am leaning towards Pure Romance. I hate my full time job and thinking of becoming a consultant. What starter kit would be best to purchase? How soon after purchase did you have your first party? What if you’re a little shy? I have a bachelor’s degree and my mom thinks I should not waste it on being in this business. Did others feel the same about you and how did you handle it?

    • Hi Melissa. I completely understand where you are coming from. I have a masters degree in education and I was a teacher . pure romance has allowed me to quity teaching job. I’ve been a consultant for 6 years now and a full time consultant for 3 years.

      The starter kits are on an amazing sale right now for as little as $99 until tomorrow the 20th. To be honest with you… You can go with Any kit and be successful… As long as you put in the work.

      I’d love to talk to you about the options and about the whole degree being wasted thing :). I can really relate!!

      Call me. 607.591.1977

      Ashley livermore
      National director
      Senior board of directors

  15. I have looked at Pure Romance a few times and am still debating whether to join or not. I am a single mom of two, I work 35+ hrs at week and also go to school online in the evenings. At this time, I hardly have any people around that would be interested in parties, and I am wondering, can you earn money from online sales? I know the parties are a huge aspect of the business, but can you earn a decent amount from directing people to your sales site (or however that works)? Thanks.

    • Hi Dominique!
      You do get a website, however, your website is a place where you won;t actually “make” money. When someone purchases from your website directly, it goes to your credits on file — you can use these credits on file to order product…. it’s great for building inventory– not so great for someone that wants to solely sell online.

      I can tell you this, however…. I have been working on Virtual LIVE online Pure Romance Parties. I have created a system that allows you to demonstrate from the comfort of your home– on your own schedule. Online Live parties are NOT as lucrative as going to a party– but will yield you much better results over just online orders.

      I am actually doing a live virtual party on July 25th– add me as a friend on facebook and I will add you to the event. You can check it out. If it looks like it’s an option for you, we can go from there. I am only doing virtual parties right now because I am super pregnant– and I will , of course, go back to doing Live in person parties after I am off maternity leave. I will tell you this, though. The results have been amazing so far!! My last 2 parties (virtual– and online) have been over $550 in sales (and I profited 55% of that!!)

      Find me on facebook:

      or call/ text : 607.591.1977

      Ashley Livermore
      National Director
      Senior Board of Directors
      ID # 17917

      • Hi Ashley,
        I am wondering if your Virtual parties you have customers order online from your website or do you assist them in filling out an order form? I am just wondering because, as you have stated, the income from online sales is different than in-person parties.


  16. I am wondering what the average age of a PR Consultant. I am 53 (a young and fun 53) but wondering if that would be too old? I am retired at a young age from state government and have been working p/t jobs since I retired at age 49. Is it fairly easy to book parties? I used to be a distributor for a direct sale jewelry company and it was fun and I did well until no one wanted to book parties anymore.

    • Hi Jan,
      It is hard to say what the average age is because we have women all around the world who are consultants. I can tell you that I am 50, I do not look or act my age. I have been with the company for 5 years and have had a tremendous amount of fun. Many times I feel that my age has been an advantage because some of my older clients see me as “seasoned” and some of the younger ones see me as a “mother figure”.

      Booking parties is as simple or as hard as you want to make it. We all start by talking to family and friends and then grow our business by word of mouth. When I first started selling in Virginia, I booked maybe 3 parties a month. This was by choice. I worked full time and had teenagers at home. When I moved to Florida my business really jumped! I now do this 3/4 time, I party about 10-15 parties a month and just about all my parties are booked from the previous parties. I can show you how to play booking games that will really help with getting more parties.

      Please give me a call and we can discuss how you can get the most out of your own Pure Romance business. Mona 772-559-7211

    • There are Pure Romance consultants in Europe – mostly around military bases as they have to have an APO address. Are you looking to shop, have a party, or become a consultant? I’d be happy to help you with any of the above.
      Helene Lippe
      Pure Romance Advanced Consultant

  17. I am highly considering becoming a consultant and cannot decide which starter kit to purchase. I like the idea of having the buying discount for your active life, but I just read you can get there pretty quickly. So now I am wondering if I should buy the next one down, so the initial investment isn’t as much. Thanks for all the information so far. I have enjoyed reading through the blog and it has helped with what little skeptism I had.

  18. Hi, just read ur review, I am 28, a full time manager at a subway, a wife and a mother of 2 young kids (3 and 6). I have decided to buy the platinum pack witch is on sale with a 50% discount. My main concern is that I just don’t have money to throw away and live pay check to pay check. On average doing maybe 2 parties a week (once it gets started) how long would u estimate that I would earn my money back? And how do I get started booking parties, when most of my friends have already been to and booked parties with someone else (my sponser)?

    • Hi Katie! I purchased the gold kit when a really great kit sale was being offered and I’ve already made all of my money back (plus some). It depends on how well the parties go but, based on my experience, I thin kit would take you a 1 – 2 months to make your money back (if you purchase the platinum kit). If you need any assistance and are ready to sign-up, feel free to contact me (651-260-4782). I’ll be happy to guide you through the process and provide you with honest answers to all of your questions. Wishing you the best of luck!

  19. Why cant a gay men sell pure romance if they like the same things women do. Sorry to be so blunt but i couldnt find another way to put it.

      • Hi Joey,
        My thoughts exactly, Why can’t a gay man sell Pure Romance? From experience i can relate to knowing a lot about toy’s, creams, and more things then some women can relate to or even know! I would make an excellent sales person, talking about sex is my topic lol ask my co-workers! I work in a factory in which i have roughly 45-50 women say they would come to my party’s and purchase off me if i sold Pure Romance! So why are we not aloud to sell it? Find it very Discriminating! They don’t want you to sell it, but the do want you to purchase their products. HMMMMM?

      • If you are keen on selling and being a man, I know that Passion Parties allows men to sell. Maybe this would be a good option? Not that I want to defer from my previous company but different companies have different policies and sadly those are the standards that the company (Pure Romance) was built upon and you can’t go against it. Instead of fighting it, I recommend going with a company that does fit your ideals and beliefs. That’s the beauty of this great country. Best of luck!

  20. My circle of friends isnt very large and I dont have much room for networking. How do you end up doing parties when you really have no where to start?

    • It truly does I’ll start with just one party. The idea is working in groups of three. For each party you have book three parties, get three leads, and three potential opportunities. In addition be your own advertiser. We cover all of this in coaching and trainings. I’m happy to discuss in more detail.
      Helene Lippe
      Pure Romance Consultant

  21. I am almost completely convinced that I should become a consultant, After reading this blog, now I have even more questions! Right now I want to ask about the ‘rule’ about no men permitted. I have a good friend that is gay and he has already said he wants to book a party with me. He has nearly 20 people that want him to have a PR party. I know several of these men and they are all great guys, too handsome to be gay and well….they make bank and I know it would be a very lucrative party!! But because of the no men rule, I wouldn’t be able to book a party with this group?

    • You can hold what is called an open house. An open house is a lot like a vendor show. You can set up a table of mild products and have bedroom accessories in a bin under the table. They can look within the bin and hold and ask you questions… however, no demo is done (Ie- you cannot stand infront of the room and play games and discuss the products and so on).

      Good luck with your Pure Romance Journey. Let us know if you have any other questions or you can contact me directly:

      Ashley Livermore
      National Director
      Senior Board of Director

  22. Hi – I am considering becoming a consultant and happened upon your blog when searching for reviews – to be honest I was searching for “bad reviews” but haven’t found any. My question stems from having been an Avon consultant where I had to place a minimum order/books every new campaign even if I didn’t have anything going on at the time. Are there “requirements” even if you aren’t actively selling at the time – for instance you want to take a couple months off in the summer with your kids, will you lose your “active” standing if you don’t order things regularly

    • The only requirement to remain active is to purchase $100 in retail every two months. This is easily maintained even if you’d like to take off the summer months. Depending on your consultant levell this can be as little as purchasing $50 in product. I’d be happy to discuss this with you in more detail if you either give me a call or send me an email.

  23. Thinking about becoming a consultant, but my husband thinks it is not stable enough. how long does it take to get paid? A week or two ? How does that process work? I really wish I could buy a more expensive kit, but will probably have to get the silver kit .

    • The only requirement to remain active is to purchase $100 in retail every two months. This is easily maintained even if you’d like to take off the summer months. Depending on your consultant marvel this can be as little as purchasing $50 and product. I’d be happy to discuss this with you in more detail if you either give me a call or send me an email.

    • Actually you get paid as soon as you sell your product. For example, you have a 40% buying discount based on your starter kit type. You purchase your product at 40% off and you sell it for 100%. You automatically have been paid the 40%. I’d be happy to discuss this further with you.

      • I wouldn’t call them holiday specials because they are the only happened then. The last few months we’ve had 70 percent of kit sale and a 60 percent of kit sale which just ended at the end of last month. We don’t get a advance notice on them. If you’d like, I’d be happy to add you to my mailing list and let you know when we have the next sales.

    • Hey Megan,
      If you haven’t signed up with PR yet. We are having an amazing kit sale right now! 80% off. Message me for more information, or call/text anytime! Email is needfulpleasures@hotmail.com, phone is 954.531.9487 🙂 I would love to have you on my team, and would love to help you get started on a road to a successful business!

      -Christina Stottlemyer

  24. Which of the starter kits is the best to start with if you can’t afford the most expensive one? Also thank you for this blog I was getting ready to sign up, and wanted to make sure Pure Romance was the best decision.

    • There is no best kit. There is just the best kit for you. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the gold kit. The reason being is you are ready to go you have enough items for your demonstration as well as product that you’re able to sell on the spot. You are active and get a 45 percent buying discount.

    • Hi Samantha, it really depends on what your goals, how much time you plan to dedicate to PR, what your budget will allow, and what kit deals are being offered during the week/month you decide to sign up. In my opinion, the Gold Kit is usually (but not always) the best deal because you receive a 45% buying discount (which is pretty good) and you still receive a nice amount of inventory items. Feel free contact me directly (651-260-4782; crystal.hampton@gmail.com) if you need help evaluating which one is currently the best deal or have additional questions. I’m happy to help!

  25. Is it possible to be a successful consultant without hosting parties? Can you be successful from just catalog campaigns, like Avon? I ask because I’m a mother of two girls, and one of my daughters is in cheerleading and Daisy scouts, and I work 30-40 hrs a week. I try to devote my weekends to my kids (I also have two stepsons that I take care of on the weekends). If I only do say, 1-2 parties a month, and pass out catalogs, is this possible? I’m strongly considering becoming a consultant, but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Thank you!

    • Yes, it is definitely possible to only do 1 – 2 parties per month (which is actually more than some consultants do) and get the remainder of your PR income from creating repeat customers and obtaining individual sales. Several consultants on my team, who have other obligations (kids, full time jobs, etc.), are only able to dedicate a certain amount of time to PR but are still able to bring in some additional income. If you would like additional information, I’d be happy to share some of the methods that I and other team members use.

    • It varies based on the starter kit you purchase from now until the end of the year – ranging from 35/40% up to 50%. After the first of the year, it’s only 40% for new consultants. It changes as you promote in the company. I’d be happy to discuss the details of our compensation plan in detail.

  26. So I just told the consultant who does my parties, that I want to become a consultant. I’ve looked up kits, researched as much as I could before she gives me a call back. I was wondering, is there a dress code for the parties as a consultant?

    • There’s not a dress code but I always recommend dressing for success. If you come in wearing jeans, expect to make jeans kind of cash. If you come wearing a nice dress or even a nice suit, you look more professional and trustworthy and will statistically get higher sales.

    • Also as far as commission how much do you make? I don’t really want the Platinum kit if I could quickly move up but I want to make it at this.

      • Like any direct sales company, promotion within is measured by the number of people you bring in under you in addition to your sales. Beginning January 1 – all new kit sales will have the same buying discount of 30%.

        For more information, please either contact the person that will be your sponsor or me

        Helene Lippe
        Advanced Consultant – Pure Romance

  27. After reading this I am so excited!!!! I am going to a party next w/e and will meet with a consultant to start my process! I will be buying the silver kit as I think that is a good start, I will also buy little trinkets for the table to play up my theme of professional, fabulous and sexy! One of my planned strategies is to give away a raffle prize at every party. Maybe one of the basic bullets or such. Do you do this at your parties and is it economical to keep up? Also, I plan on having my first party be with Family and friends. Is that ok for new consultants? I’m am fully confident that I can do this and am looking forward to the new experience!! Thank you!

    • That’s awesome Nichole! I’m glad you are taking the first step in Pure Romance! My OWN mother helped me with Pure Romance. I just moved to Nebraska and I’m looking for ladies all over the U.S. to join my team. Would you be interested?? I’ll be at work today, but you can text me at 817-948-3639. I’ll be glad to answer any questions about how Pure Romance works. 🙂

  28. Thank you for your story. I am a Pure Romance Consultant in Northern California. I absolutely love the company, I bought the Platinum Kit and am working with a great team in Portland, Oregon. I just started so haven’t brought in too much money but I have been receiving a ton of interest. I am a natural sales girl even though my education and profession is in Healthcare. I just love people and helping them and Pure Romance is completely about that. Feel free to contact me ladies if you want to know more about me or you need advice or have any questions about the company and our products, They are fabulous. Pure Romance by Danielle on Facebook or my personal consultant website is danielle.dulon@pureromance.com

  29. I am considering becoming a consultant. I was wondering if I can set up a space to hold parties in a conference room or some space like that or do clients have to have the parties in their homes. It seems to be a trend in my area to have PR parties for bachelorettes and they don’t typically like to be in their homes.

    • Hello AJ! You can have your party wherever you like as long as there are no men or children…this includes waiters. You also need to make sure there is a separate room for the “O” room aka “private ordering room”. I love to do bachelorette parties as well. If you are interested in knowing more about the business give me a call.

  30. Why are you leaving PR? I didn’t see your reason and wanted to know if it had anything to so with negativity towards the business.

    • Of course you could do that…but think about how you can improve your financial future if you actually purchased the kit and started your own business. If you’d like to discuss the opportunity available and what it takes to begin your entrepreneurial journey, I’d love to talk to you about it.

  31. Im looking forward to getting in this business. I’m aiming for the $200 starter kit. As soon as I can get that I’ll be ready. How do I contact other consultants so that I can shadow them and get some ideas of how things go. I’m sure I know. If you been to one party you’ve pretty much been to them all.

    • There are probably several consultants in the area. If you are going into this without a mentor, I suggest you call a few and then find the best that fits you. Then you can request to join their team and you will open yourself up to multiple consultants who would love to teach you the ropes. Having a person there to shadow too helps take some of the work load off and even the most seasoned pros need a critique of their presentation every now and then.

  32. I’m a Pure Romance consultant in Jackson, Mississippi. I have enjoyed working for this company for 2yrs. I plan to attend my 1st conference in August. I’m willing to work with any ladies in this area or outside the area. Give me a call. 601*383*4351– pureromance.com/sirenawilson

  33. Hey. I’ve recently been thinking ab selling pure romance. I’m nt sure how to go ab it or where to get support from. I don’t wanna go out not knowing anything. What do you recommend? Why r u nt selling anymore?

  34. I love this blog. Thank you for posting it. 🙂 My name is Kaela Pruitt I love being a consultant. I love owning my own business and making my own hours. I love my mentor, and I love the team that I have built so far. It has really changed my life for the better. I am located in Bend, Oregon. If anyone has any questions, call or e-mail me. (541)848-9715 e-mail: kaela467@gmail.com

  35. This was so interesting. I’ve been thinking about becoming a consultant since summer time 2013. Now, I have two questions. First off, how old do you need to be to become a consultant. I’m assuming nineteen, if that’s the case I’ll have to wait for May to roll around. My second question is about getting stuck. I’ve heard of some people getting stuck in things like this, you know Mary Kay and Pampered Chef. I’m scared that if I decide that I don’t enjoy working there or if I decide it’s not for me I’ll have to stay. I’m sure it’s rewarding and exciting. I was just curious.

  36. Hey! I just found this blog and I am glad! I want to become a consultant but I don’t know how to become one. I would love to be part of this business. How do you recommend I start?

  37. Great blog… I recently considered becoming a consultant and was deciding between Pure Romance and Passion Parties. I am curios as to the cost assocatied with purchasing the starter kit to get started and how you build your on hand inventory, how you earn money @ what percentage ( many questions..) ..

  38. I’ve been wondering about jumping in, myself. My only issue is, I have a 7 month old and don’t want to be working every weekend (the only time my husband has off) and taking up too much time away from them. Especially when my husband is around 40 hours less than I am. I told the lady who had asked me to shadow that’d I’d probably get a kit at tax time..which I just got..and get started. But I’m not sure if I’m ready to be super busy with it. I know it won’t happen right away because I’ll just be getting into it.

    And is it fairly easy to get over the anxiety easily?

    • You make your hours. It’s all dependent on how many booking calls you make, business cars you hand out, and how many bookings you get from parties. Most hostesses are more than happy to be flexible

  39. I am about to buy the Gold Kit. One thing I have noticed is there are some women who would like to host a party but they have full houses that are difficult to empty of the children and males. Would it be ok for me to allow people to host parties at my house? Also can I host my own first party?

  40. Hi, I have been throwing the idea of becoming a PR consultant around in my head for a few month and I have talked to my best friends and mother about it and they are all very supportive….but when I went to talk to my fiancé about it he automatically shut down the idea saying he didn’t want me to sell dildos and that sellinh dildos and lubes ect. Was trashy…I know that is not everything being a PR consulnant is about and I have read up on everything and I dont know how to sit him back down and be able to get him to have an open mind. How did you ladies tell your significant other/fiancé/husband that you wanted to become a consultant and what were their reactions?

    • Hi, my name is Katie Collins, I am a Pure Romance Consultant and I had some if the same issues, just with my family not understanding, but my husband was very supportive. It can be difficult to try and ‘convience’ others of the value in becoming a consultant. Pure Romance is based around 3 main things. Empowering women to take charge of their lives, owning their own businesses, and being able to make their lives what they want it to be. We Educate women about their bodies, relationships, and lives. And Entertain women by providing a comfortable in home setting to learn about all the wonderful products we offer. While providing privacy to place their confidential orders and ask questions. Pure Romance Consultants strive to be the best of the best in the industry by being educated in our products and classy in our presentations. Please give me a call or email me and we can further discuss ways to educate others in your life! 443-487-1283 or PureRomanceByKatieCollins@gmail.com. I look forward to talking to you!

  41. I am a Pure Romance consultant thinking of moving to Albuquerque area and have just stumbled upon your blog ~ you may be my dream come true in a real estate agent as a former PR consultant I know I can trust you!

  42. Just wanted to say that I just signed up to be a pure romance consultant and although I had made the decision to join, I was having issues choosing a kit. I could not afford the big kits but was waffling between the basic and standard. Your blog helped me choose. Knowing that I can get to the higher discount, of course taking longer, by way of working was a load off my mind. Thank you!

  43. 60% Off + 20% Off Kits Ends at NOON Today!

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  45. If you are married, I would advise your spouse to stay away from this company. There is a bit of adultery that goes on at the corporate office and even at their conventions. I believe they like to tout that Pure Romance puts the romance back into your marriage, but getting involved with this company could be detrimental to your marriage. Stay away.

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  47. I’m in college and interested in becoming a consultant. I’m nervous about the start up cost, and how to network to find people interested in hosting parties.

    • There are starter kits available in 4 different price points beginning at only $99. The minimums required to remain a consultant are easily attainable. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.
      Pure Romance Senior Consultant

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