The Zombies Are Coming…Will You Be Ready?

Last week HALO Corp announced they were going to be training military and police for the “possibility” (in my mind inevitable) of a “swollen brain, a raging fever, makes you hateful and violent and leaves you with a really bad case of the munchies” outbreak.  Believe me, my friends, it is coming.  You know some scientist is already tampering with it for kicks and giggles and it’s only a matter of time before that super virus gets loose. 

Rule #1: Cardio.  This topic I will be covering today.  My big Zombie Race is 7 weeks from this Saturday, and I am already in the process of getting apocolypse strong AKA I am sore as hell.  I feel like I can say that, because I have put in the work and I knwo it’s going to pay off but man, it hurts.  So, here’s the exercise program breakdown.  I am mixing a 10K training program with my P90X that I am already used to.  This will build up my major muscle groups as well as get me ready to outrun the zombies that will be dashing at me during the race.  I aim to have all 3 flags intact at the end of this race, you guys.

Weeks 1-3

Monday: 3 mile run, Tuesday: Chest and Back (I have GOT to get a pull up bar), Wednesday: 3 mile run, Thursday: Legs, Chest, and Back, Friday: 4 Mile Run, Saturday: Plyometrics and Arms, Sunday: REST.

Week 4

Monday: 4 mile run, Tuesday: Yoga, Wednesday: 5 mile run, Thursday: Core Synergistics, Friday: 6 mile run, Saturday: Yoga, Sunday: REST.

Weeks 5-7

Monday: 4 Mile Run, Tuesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Wednesday: 5 Mile Run, Thursday: Back and Biceps, Friday: 5 Mile Run, Saturday: Kenpo and Legs, Sunday: REST

Week 8

Monday: 3 Mile Run, Tuesday: Yoga, Wednesday: 4 Mile Run, Thursday: Core Synergistics, Friday: 4 Mile Run, Saturday: RACE DAY, Sunday: REST

Also, I throw in Ab Ripper X 3 times a week to strengthen the core muscles.  I have lost 3 pounds already, but looking to gain some muscle back, as well.  Once Halloween rolls around, I will be one buffed up mamma jamma!  And hopefully won’t look like this…



I am hoping to reach out to people who will be attending the Run for Your Lives Race in Florida on November17. If you know anyone, send them a link to the blog. 

What are some of your favorite survival tips?  Exercise routines…share them with me!  I would love to hear about it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Zombies Are Coming…Will You Be Ready?

  1. I just got hooked on the Walking Dead – LOVE the idea of the Run for your Lives race. That would be uber fun! My husband and I don’t run…period! But we are going to start training and try to do a 5k next year. We have P90X too so I may just add that into the mix. If I’m going to be sore….might as well go all out. 😉

    • 5K’s are a lot of fun! They have a lot of great ones that have themes to add to the thrill. Like run for Your Lives. It’s only a 5K which would be easy if you just trained to run it. Add the undead and some mud, blood, and obstacles and you have one heck of a good time. Good luck with the training! I would love to know how you are doing.

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