My Calling in Life: Aunty or Mommy

Yesterday was a swamped day at the office, which is why I am posting a day late.  I actually woke up LATE, which I swear up and down I never do.  Even on my days off, I end up rolling out of bed around 8 AM.  Imagine my total surprise that my boss/mom didn’t even blink an eyelash when I stumbled into the office, uttering apologies.  She simply smiled and said “You probably needed the rest anyways.”  Truth.  My work weeks usually are two or three weeks of straight typing, searching, taking people out to see houses (because, let’s face it Ma, we are busy busy busy!), and hopefully helping said people get into the houses they want.  It’s more than a full time job doing the real estate thing, it’s a lifestyle.  Last Saturday, while mom was out of town on a business conference, I was taking a family around to check out perspective homes.  The man of the family laughed and said to me, “You’d probably rather be sleeping in or lounging by the pool right now, wouldn’t you.” To which I replied honestly, “Nah, I love my job…stalkering all these awesome houses, helping dreams come true-that’s what I do.”

Mom and I “fan-girling” over one of our clients gorgeous accents. Doesn’t take much to amuse us.

Amongst all this work, though, I am keeping a social life as well as the blog up, so do not worry, readers. I am just stuck under a lot of work, but I am not dead yet. Wednesday was mom’s birthday, which meant party time at the Tate office.  The organizer Libby brought her grand-daughter Ella in.  The kid is freaking cute, you guys.  I would have to get the licensing to post a picture of her on the blog, but let’s just say the kid looks like the Gerber baby.  I drew pictures for her, taught her the multiple uses of a yellow Solo cup(none of which had anything to do with drinking out of it), and just followed her around asking her what was up (because let’s face it, you can’t really say much else to a 16 month old).  You just want to see the world through a baby’s eyes sometimes. Mom got a hold of Ella and started cooing and playing with her.  I can tell she’s hurting for “grand babies.”

Maddie is my fur baby, but someone slap me if I ever get this funny about wanting kids…

It got me to thinking…am I ready to be a mom?  To that question, I answered with an operatic and resounding “No!”  I started to worry after that, though.  Will I ever be ready to be a mom?  I am just kicking off my career, so like having a new-born, I am exhausted…all the time.  I wonder if I am ever going to find that nice balance of having enough time to start a family.  I am a go-getter, so this is doubtful.  As soon as I get a taste of something awesome, I want more.  And having a baby right now or anytime in the future, for that matter, is going to slow this awesome career of mine down.

The world needs aunts, though.  I could definitely be on board with that.  I have enough free nights that I could pick up said niece/nephew from my sister’s house and really have some great times.  Spoil them to pieces, give them advice on life…Teach them things that their mom and dad just forget about.  Like how to be a little mischievous.  And how to curse like a sailor.  Just kidding.  But I would get to have the best of both worlds.  Having a brilliant kid to hang out with and love unconditionally but also getting to skip over the incessant nights of burping, changing diapers, and screaming.  I have never been much of a trooper in that department.  Then again, neither has my sister.  And given that she is at least 10 years off from even thinking about babies, my calling as an aunt may have to wait.

Are there any readers out there that have felt this way?  It may just be because I am just 24, but there are girls my age married and mothered twice over by this point.  Did you ever make up your mind never to have kids and now you’re a parent?  What are your thoughts?  And furthermore, what are the best things that have happened to you since you became a parent?  Would you go back to your “single days” and do things a little differently?  I need the words of wisdom.  Me and my non-existent future offspring thank you.


4 thoughts on “My Calling in Life: Aunty or Mommy

  1. Morgan, as irony would have it, I wrote a blog post when I was also 24 about this same subject. 🙂 You can read it, if you like. I would just like to say, however, that no one else can dictate your life for you. If you are meant to have children, you will, and you will when it is right for you to have them. If you are not meant to have children, don’t sweat it! Like you said, no late nights and runny noses and dirty diapers. Just let it happen.

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