Threshold to the Weekend: Halloween Decorating

A lot of couponing and deal searching went into this…can’t wait to share the details!

Happy Friday everyone!  Fingers crossed I will actually get a full weekend to tackle some projects…it’s not quite 5 o’clock yet so I will be holding my breath for the phone to ring.  This weekend is a MOMENTOUS occasion, because it is the last weekend of September and Billy Joe Armstrong is about to get woken up with a big jack-o-lantern to the face. Over the past few weeks, I have been crafting, painting, cutting, shopping for Halloween decorations.  On Monday morning I will be able to unveil them!  I am sure a few of you want a sneak preview though, so I will leak a little bit of the projects that I will be rolling out next week.

This little cutie was $9.99. I can do it for $2.99!


Hmmm…what could this be for? Hint: The item it is replacing is in the picture as well.

This weekend I am also going out to the Old Courthouse Theatre for 9 to 5: The Musical.  I am on the MTA nominations board for the Community Playhouse of Lancaster County…one of the perks is getting to see great shows for free in exchange for taking a little time out of my weekends to see them.  Very pumped!

What are your plans for the weekend?  I would love to hear about it. 🙂




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