31 Day Challenge: 31 Days of Doodling

My friend Meredith came over last night, and while standing in my kitchen, she noticed two drawings on the wall that I had done one night out of boredom while sitting on the front desk of The Courtyard. 

These are little blurry, but the first is of the Queen of the Night from The Magic Flute and the second is Madame Butterfly from the opera of the same name.  As Meredith exclaimed over the beautiful drawings, I realized I really hadn’t done any actual drawing for years.  I used to breathe, eat and sleep with a pen in my hand just doodling away.  What happened to me?

My other friend Caty, a lovely blogger like myself, has taken on a 31 day challenge posted by The Nester. 

I am a little late on this challenge, however, I am giving the challenge to myself.  So without further ado, my doodle for day one!

I was commissioned by one of my co-workers to paint a set of “time out” stools for her grand daughter.  I am hoping the kid will never have to use them, but just in case, she is going to need something cute to set her keister on when she gets in trouble.

Send me your ideas for more doodles…I want to be challenged here, people!


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