Shocktober: A Witchy Roost

Happy Monday, everyone.  It’s Monday and I am exhausted.  If you are anywhere near the Charlotte area, you know it’s cloudy, cool, and just disgusting outside.  Finally starting to act like Fall around here, which means that October is now in full swing!  I love, love, love October, mainly because my favorite holiday is at the end of the month, giving me more than enough time to decorate my house and actually enjoy what put up.  This year, I decided to go with a little witchy with my decorating and the result is quite pleasing!

I have several kids running around the neighborhood.  I am sure they still believe in witches and ghosts (or at least I hope this generation of jaded kids does or else I have a lot more to worry about than I thought).  When I was a little girl growing up, there were several houses where the neighborhood kids would swear up and down that a witch lived there.  I designed my Halloween house on that very concept, except this year, I am the witch in the house.  The broom, door sign, and cobweb “slipcover” for the door were all bought at Michael’s.

What’s an old witch’s house without a grave yard out in front to scare the neighborhood kids off?  These cemetary gates were purchased last year at Party City and they held up beautifully over the summer.  The one big problem is getting them in the ground, especially with the drought that hit over the past few weeks.  But, lo’ and behold, this morning it was raining, so I was actually able to shove the soft stakes into the ground.  Huzzah!

“Help me, help me.”  You know I love a good zombie. Meet Herbert, my ex husband.  Caught him coming home from the pub late again and poisoned his martini. Looks like the old boy just couldn’t hold his arsenic…or stay dead. As a side note, I met Herbert at Party City while picking up the cemetary fence…seemed only fitting I buy his gravestone from there as well.

These were straight Pinterest rip offs.  The white pumpkins I also purchased from Michael’s, and I simply used black enamel paint and a coat of clear satin exterior spray paint to make sure they held up in the weather.

Every witch needs a place to hang her cauldron.  The kitchen is All Hallow’s Eve ready with a few minor adjustments.  The potions and spells box could just double as a great Fall recipe box during October (purchased at Michael’s).  My “familiar” Poe, the raven (only seemed fitting) is perched on my cookbook holder, assisting me with any brews that will need to be concocted this month.  My favorite though, is a Morgan original.  The phrase “You Have My Heart in Your Hands” is illustrated by my hanging photo wall.

A closer look.  I adore Poe. I picked him up at Michael’s as well.   He’s a sweetie pie.  Too bad about that writing job he had to give up when I changed him into a Raven.  He seemed quite promising…ah well.  Now all he can say is “Nevermore.”

A closer shot of the hanging photo wall.  I really like how this turned out.  The process was really easy.  Print out the design on cardstock.  Boil some water, add tea bags to it and let it steep for a few minutes.  Take the tea bags out, let the excess water drip, and then go to town on the paper.  I used a raspberry tea so the tea stains actually came out a little bit more red than brown…almost like I was using the paper for storing the actual organs I am referring to in the phrase.

Sometimes I need a little “bedtime reading” before I snooze into nightmare world.  I decided to store my spell books and potion ingredients on the fireplace, so I can actually read them by the firelight.

The books as well as the jars were purchased at Michael’s.  The little owl I found at Hobby Lobby.  That’s the cool thing about owl’s.  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you can make them spooky or cheerful. 🙂

Whenever my coven comes over for dinner, I want to make sure they feel like the queens they are.  I prepared this tablescape for under $30!  The plates are from Target and are actually microwave and dishwasher safe.  I use them as chargers, mostly.  The table runner I made myself (tutorial to come soon) for about $1.50 worth of fabric.

Why yes, my candles are bleeding!  These white tapers I picked up from Wal-Mart, along with a red candle for dripping wax.  I set the tapers up in the candelabra, and just used a match to drip the candle wax of the red candle onto the white tapers.  I got the idea from Sherry at  You can follow the link to get the tutorial. So easy and the finished product is blood-curdling, don’t you think?

A closer look at the table runner.  This was also a Pinterest-inspired project.  I knocked it out in about 8 hours and half a season of Pushing Daisies…great show if you are in the Halloween mood, by the way. I am so very proud of the sweat and tears that went into this thing.  It’s definitely going to be a staple in my Halloween decor for the next few years…and it didn’t even cost me $2!  Lazy?  They have one just like it at Target for $9.99.  I found that out while picking up the chargers for the table. Doh!

I still have a few more things to complete before my witchy roost is finished, but I am simply in love with my newly “haunted house.”

Here is the budget breakdown:

  • Target

4 chargers $1.99=$7.96

  • Michael’s(This is where I saved $67.50 because it was a 30% off all Halloween decor and I had a 15% off entire purchase coupon is well)

Spell Books on the Fireplace=$7.64, Witches Broom at the Front Door=$5.09, Stake with Witch Hat at the Front Door=$8.66, Cobweb Fabric for Front Door= $3.39, Poe The Crow in the Kitchen=$2.54, Craft Pumpkins on the Front Steps=$4.58 and $7.64, Glass Jars on the Fireplace=$5.08, Candelabra=$12.75

  • Wal-Mart

Two Packs of the 4-Pack Taper candles for the Dining Area=$3.94, Red Candlestick for Dripping the “Blood Wax”=$0.75, Felt for the Spiderweb Tablecloth=$1.99 for half a yard (and still some to spare for my skull pillow)

Total Halloween Decor Budget: $72.01

What are you doing around your house to get ready for the witching hour?  I would love to see/hear about it!

Link up to my Pinterest Halloween board here!


4 thoughts on “Shocktober: A Witchy Roost

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  2. Morgan!! I LOVE all your decorations! I need to get on my Halloween decor as well. I have LOTS of fall, but not a lot of Halloween. Dollar store, here I come! 🙂 Love the wall phrase; do you actually swipe the steeped tea bags on the paper, or soak the paper in the steeped tea itself? And I adore your table runner. It looks great! Nice job, witch. 😉

    • What I did was actually press the tea bags into the paper, kind of in a dabbing motion. Some of the water would run off, too, so it kind of looks like I rinsed my hands after murdering someone but didn’t get all the blood off nor dry them properly. lol. I am glad you like the decorations. Can’t wait to see what you come up with

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