House Crashing: Hoyt and Randy’s Contemporary Chicken Roost

Uncle Hoyt (mom’s brother) has a knack for finding unusual houses and making them his own.  This house is probably my favorite.  Being a landscape architect, you know his yard had to be huge, even for the city.  Heck, even compared to the countryside homes I have seen lately, this yard is pretty awesome!

The back yard is fenced in, and feels like it is a secret garden of sorts.  Here, there are tons of plants I can’t even begin to name, but I am sure Uncle Hoyt can.

I saw this little stone along the footpath to the chicken coup.  This made me giggle, if you know my uncles, but I also am a little envious of this.  I may need to find one of these stones for my own garden.

Check out the hens.  They are soooo cute.  I know this sounds terrible, but my initial assumption of having a chicken coup in the backyard was that the yard was going to reek like a Tyson chicken farm.  Not the case.  The air was crisp and clean enough for the sweet clucking of the birds to add to the down-home atmosphere. By the way, we had chicken salad for lunch…no chickens from the back yard were harmed in the making of said salad.

Enjoy the slide show and the great shots of this one-of-a-kind home!

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