Motivational Monday: Epic Bad-assery

I am sure a few of you were watching yesterday when Felix Baumgartner jumped out of “space” and let himself free fall 4:20 seconds before pulling on the cord of his parachute and sailing to the earth’s surface.  It was truly something to behold. if you haven’t seen it, check it out here. Just for kicks, look at his view at 0:53.  While I watched that bit, I was clutching my pillow, howling “nooooope, nooooooooOOOOOpe!”  Even if he went back in his little pod, I would have still called the man a badass.  But no, he jumped!  The nut job jumped out of a perfectly good vessel and plummeted over 750 MPH to the ground.  Again, NOPE!  Best part?  He got to the ground just fine.  It was a tear-wrenching moment.  The man is hardcore with a capital H. Now, would I have chugged a Red Bull right before jumping out?  Probably not.  Just think about it for a minute.  If he had died, that was the last thing he got to drink…that disgusting, medicine-y tasting mess.  But I digress.  This man did something I don’t believe anyone else in my generation will try.  He overcame a lot of anxiety, true fear, and that is what makes this feat so wonderful.  Because even though he was downright terrified to do this, he pushed through and came out the victor!

Felix and so many other badasses are on the television, in the news, endorsing great products.  But my question for you is: What type of obstacles have you overcome lately to achieve your own level of bad-assery?

Happy Monday all.  I hope you live like Felix today…minus jumping out of balloons…unless that’s your thing.

Oh, and this one is for the ladies. The guy jumps out of the sky and he’s hot? Must be an angel or something. Oooo, take me to the stratosphere, Felix. Was that said outloud?

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