Tricks and Treats: Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is only two weeks away from tomorrow, which means that my hands started itching for a pumpkin carving session sometime last Wednesday. The funny thing about pumpkin carving is that you only really have to to do it once a year, and if you’re like me, once is enough.  This results in halfway decent creations on my part, because I really don’t have the time, money, or patience to get really good at it.  But each year it’s the same; I have to carve a pumpkin or I will explode.  Like a cartoon character, yes. And I would like to add that each year that I don’t mess up so much that I chuck my pumpkin at the wall as a personal triumph. 

On Sunday, Tim came by and picked me up for the pumpkin picking (what? Did you guys think that I would do this alone?).  My patch of choice is at the Rock Hill Farm Market, where they were selling pumpkins for 49 cents a pound.  Not too shabby.  So, we trumped through the pumpkin patch and I immediatly found mine.  Tim took a little while, and as punishment I took a photo of him being picky.

There were insurance tags on all the pumpkins…I guess this is just in case someone got injured from dropping one on their foot?

Back in the car, we strapped our separate pumpkins in for the ride home.  Think of the waste of an awesome pumpkin/the car’s upholstery if one of them rolled into the floor.  Of course they look silly.  That, besides the safety of our investment, was the reason why we made sure they buckled up.  Tim joked that these were our kids and ask that, if I create a blog post out of this I caption the picture with:

“That’s enough! Stop that bickering or we’re turning this car around!”

While I was standing in line with my 17 lb. “child” of a pumpkin, Tim suggested we purchase a small pumpkin to carve together.  I know…aw, right?  So, here is the third pumpkin, who is riding up front with me…no car seat, I know.  I am a bad pumpkin mom. 

We headed over to the Spirit store afterwards where there was fun to be had by all, but I had a moment with the jumping spider they had on display.  Long story short?  I screamed like a girl. However, if I ever get a year where I can have a haunted house, that is the first thing I am buying.

We got back to the Treehouse around 7:30, and I popped in one of my favorite Halloween films Trick-R-Treat in the DVD player, layed down a tarp, and proceeded to cut in to the pumpkin.  Tim was just scraping his, no pumpkin pulp removal, but I finished only a few minutes after him.  The finished product is lovely, and I am quite proud of mine, even more so because I don’t get to practice carving all that much.

The witchy-themed carving seemed only right, since I have a witch-themed condo this Halloween.  Maybe next year, I will try for zombie?  Who knows!

Now I proudly present Tim’s pumpkin, which is a jack-o-lantern face made out of a full moon, a haunted house, and a graveyard.  Personally I think it’s bad-ass.  For some reason, Tim is ashamed of it. I think he’s a goob.

This is the pumpkin we completed together titled appropriatly TY+MO.  We put a heart, smiley face, and a music note on there somewhere to fill up the pumpkin, but I like the initials best. 

Afterwards, we took the “kids” outside and put them on display for the neighborhood to see.  I am proud to report that they are all still on the steps.  I can’t wait to get home tonight and actually light them.

Yeah, pretty much Pumpkin Palooza 2012 at The Treehouse.

So, now my hand has stopped itching and I can go back to business as usual.  For more Halloween tips, visit my Pinterest page.  I am constantly adding new things. 

What was the best memory you had about carving pumpkins growing up?

For kicks and giggles, here are a few pumpkins that really entertained me.  All of these I found at

This 100 lb. pumpkin is big enough to eat a man!

This pumpkin is being attacked by spiders!

Here is my zombie pumpkin for next year!

Dia de Los Muertos pumpkin skull. Pretty!

Oh no! That pumpkin is eating its babies!

How about a nice juicy pumpkin burger? No? More for me then 🙂


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