Pre-Thanksgiving Bucket List of Home Repairs

It’s hard to believe but Thanksgiving is only a little over a month away.  Soon, the holidays will be upon us like a whirlwind, and I know that getting a few home projects done during the holiday season is going to be Hades on my time and my budget (have to buy presents, you know?). Already I am having mini “nightmares” about it being a few days before Christmas, and I have forgotten to do my shopping as well as the obligatory baking.  It only seems right and fair, since my little Treehouse and this blog has done so much for me, that I throw a little more time and money its way.

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A few years ago, my friends Caitlyn, Theresa, and Charli hosted a pre-Thanksgiving party at their apartment.  It wasn’t huge, but there was a lot of love that day.  Even though we have moved on with our lives, I still remember that day when we all came together before the driving from house to house, before the sales, and just sat down to a great meal and felt truly thankful for having one another in our lives.  So, this year, I am going to do the same things for the friends who have stuck around this past year.  I am adding a twist to this party, though.  It’s going to be a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  Not that I am talking about popcorn or toast for Thanksgiving dinner, but a fun little potluck where everyone brings the dish they wish they could have on Thanksgiving.  the result will probably be a lot of Tums being passed around, but we are going to have one heck of a time.  But first, I have some stuff that needs to get done at the Treehouse before I can even think of opening it up…yay incentive!


Okay, Mom, I am finally starting to get it now.  Each passing day that the base boards in my house go unpainted is a wasted day!  Right now, I am glancing over to my right and glaring with disgust at how cruddy it looks.  Before anything else gets done, this will be tackled head on like a quarterback in one of the Thanksgiving Day games.


Right now, all I have for guest seating is my oversized friend Couchy as well as the four wicker chairs for my dining table.  This is sufficient for a small gathering, but for a larger group, I will need another chair or two for after dinner so people can hang out for a while, and bask in the total self indulgence and their oncoming food comas.  I have been in the market for some slipper chairs, but I would honestly like something a little more antique-looking like the chairs I stumbled upon in Art, Funk, and Junk.  Nothing too clunky, but still comfy.  This for instance, would be a great chair to lean back in with a toothpick in between your teeth.  I have no ideas why toothpicks just came to mind…I don’t even like toothpicks.  Ah well, just go with it, Morgan, the fantasy will get better soon enough.


I went to visit Ryan over the weekend (he is doing well, by the way) and his cousin’s house is phenomenal!  I particularly fell in love with the way she separated her small living area from her dining area. Take a look!

That, my friends, is faux wainscot done to perfection.  She used chair rail and frame trim and then painted it all the same color so that it looked real!  I had to touch it to believe it.  Simply amazing!  This would be an awesome day project to jump on and it looks relatively inexpensive.  It would really add a touch of class to the Treehouse and separate my living and dining space.


This room has gone neglected long enough.  It’s time to roll my sleeves up and add a little personality, starting with the wall color…or at least the accent pieces.  I am thinking grey, yellow, and white for the color scheme.  Clean and sunny.  I really want to have this room prepped and ready for company just in case someone needs to crash for the night. Which leads to project number…


As you can see, my television is currently hanging out on the floor.  It’s a monster of a thing, but Ryan was nice enough to leave it behind so I had something to watch movies on.  In all honesty, I am getting tired of craning my neck to see the screen.  I am ready to move up to something a little less “floor-like” and with a little more storage for all the cords.


I have decided that I am going to transform the door I found at the garbage dump of my complex into a DVD/bookshelf.  I found these plans on Ana White’s blog and I am now inspired to create a storage unit on my own. Check it out!  This is another day-long project that will be well worth it in the end.

I want to add a little twist by painting it a sunny yellow that will look sort of like this…

Courtesy of Pinterest

More to be said about this little project later.  🙂  This gives me 9 Saturdays and Sundays as well as quite a few weeknights before the big shindig.  Think I can do it?

Ooooo, this is going to be fun!


6 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving Bucket List of Home Repairs

    • So true! I am really excited about the wainscot project. And I am excited about the holidays, as well. I have a ton of Christmas stuff I have to pull out and sort through so I can see what crafts I can do from Pinterest. Don’t want it to look like Christmas blew up in the Treehouse. I am still rolling my eyes at the fact that they are having a Christmas show this weekend in Charlotte. Halloween? What is that?

  1. Got the trim painted in the living room and the kitchen. Going to tackle painting the guest room next Thursday and then will finish off the trim in the guest room, hall, and master bedroom next weekend. On a roll!

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