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After months of waiting, American Horror Story: Asylum premiered last night, and I got my Evan Peters(who played Tate last season) fix.  Cold shower scene…heck yes! Without delving too much into spoilers, this season is taking a completely different turn from “haunted house” and things that go bump inthe night.  And I am thoroughly going to enjoy solving the mysteries that the season premiere threw at me last night.

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Okay, got my drool-worthy post out of the way…now on to curvier and sexier things…my Halloween costume.  Each year since the Sweenie Todd mess-up of 2008, I have picked out my Halloween costume on Halloween DAY, which usually meant picking something out of my closet and pairing it with some kind of tool kit.  Which always seemed to serve me well, as opposed to my uber-costume planning.  Please shield your eyes as you see the trainwrecks from the past few years.

Not going to lie, I was very proud of making myself look like a man.

I have always had a soft side for androgeny, and, for some reason my 20-year old self really wanted to go as Johnny Depp’s Sweenie Todd that year.  I even bought a limited addition razor to threaten my friends with.  It wasn’t too sharp, but I was not going to risk it.  Made for some great photo-ops, though, did it not?

Then came the year of the Devil.  I literally went into a Walgreens the day of Halloween, and there on a hook, hanging by a measely thread was the very last costume idea…devil horns.  Lucky for me, I was able to throw on a red dress I had worn to my Junior recital and a pair of fishnets, and I got out of the “lame last minute costume” debacle.  I went to McHale’s Halloween shidig feeling pretty awesome.

The past two years I can’t even remember what I did…with the exception of being a pirate complete with boots and plastic sword.  But again, last minute costume, because a) Halloween was on a Monday and b) all I did was go to work and hand out candy.

This year however, is different.  I actually have somewhere to go AND I have a date!  So obviously, this girl has got to look hot.  At first, I was just going to be a witch or revert to my Devil standby, but as I was watching a trailer for AHS:Asylum, the idea hit me.  Why not go as Moira the maid from last years AHS?  This is the last time I can wear the costume and actually be relevant, pop culturally speaking.  First off, for those of you who have been living under a rock, or are just not fans of the horror television show genre, let me introduce you to Moira.

We first meet Moira as a 60-something year “old maid.”  She has been the housekeeper of the Murder House for many families that have come in and out of of the house (or rather died there and stayed on).  In the eyes of women, Moira is an old woman, who is soft spoken, rational, and grandmotherly. It begins quite clear, though, that Moira has a supernatural air about her as her appearance changes in the eyes of men.

Moira appears as a 25-year old sex siren who has a craving for the sordid affair and also participates in creating mischief around the house, especially when it comes to the seduction of Dr. Harmon (who had a sexual indescretion in the past with a student of his…but that’s another story).  It is never said why Moira is the only ghost in the house who is able to change appearance at will, but that is just part of her mystery.  I adored the versatility the character on the show had, and I am sad I won’t be able to see either actresses playing the role in season 2.

Moira’s origins are explained in the second episode, and she seems to have quite a history with the next door neighbor Constance Langdon, played by Jessica Lange who constantly taunts Moira with the threat “Don’t make me kill you again.”  Moira was in her 20’s when she came to work at the Murder House as a housekeeper.  She had an affair with Constance’s husband previously, out of loneliness.  She decides, however, to end the trist.  The philandering husband is not pleased with her warding off his advances and proceeds to rape Moira.  Constance catches them in the act and shoots both of them on site, leaving a gaping hole in Moira’s eye.

Her body is dumped in the back yard, and that is why her soul is bound to the house.  If you die in the house, you stay in the house.   Unless, of course, it’s Halloween, where all the spirits get to leave their confines and visit friends.

Which brings me to my costume for this year.  Guess who I am going to be?  Ta-da! Moira!  Gaping eye wound and all.  I am pretty excited about it.  When a good idea hits, I just have to run with it.

Courtesy of

There will be Spanx involved, by the way.  I am just hoping that it’s not too cold outside.  The things I do for my great ideas.  🙂  So, I had a few of you enter my 50 Followers celebration drawing and we have a winner! Go to the post to see if it’s you!

What are you going as for Halloween this year?

Update: Here are the pictures from my night at Lucky Lou’s in this costume. I won 4th place! I even used it again for Karaoke League to play Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show. My team won! I think this costume is quite lucky and well worth the money.

Je suis une sexy bete, non?

Me and Miss Holly…Moira debates on cleaning up the mess of the dead hooker lying on the table or getting to the center of this tootsie pop. Hmmm…very tricky…

The performance of the year!

The fabric is velvetine…so it holds its form well. You can machine wash and let it dry. My biggest problem? When I opened my bag, there was BLOOD on the sleeve. I don’t think it was part of the costume, because it was that one spot. Sooooo someone had tried it on before me. NOT cool, If I am going to pay full price for a costume, I atleast want it to be new. Just saying.

DISCLAIMER: I am not compensated by any companies or individuals to provide this product review. The views expressed here are solely my own.


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