Herbal Essence

Happy Monday all.  If you’re anything like me, your Friday was not the absolute best, but Saturday and Sunday sure were productive.  I now officially have the trim in the living room and the kitchen touched up, and I must say, it was well worth the back ache I had on Sunday.  🙂  I will be moving on to the bathroom, the master and guest bedrooms possibly next weekend.

I really should have taken a before picture, because the only person of the planet who will appreciate this is my mom, who ragged on me every time she came to visit because of how bad the trim looked. More before and afters to come, mommy.

For a few months, I have been kicking around the idea of an herb garden in the house during winter.  Having a few green leaves sprouting up amongst the dreary landscape outside would be a welcome change.  I knew I wanted an herb garden so much that I actually bought three little indoor pots from IKEA back in September.

Skurar Plant Pot from IKEA $3.99

They have been sitting in my window for the past…little over a month I suppose.   Every time I would go out to the store I would promise myself I would buy seeds, but Sunday, miracle of miracles the procrastination clouds parted and I went to Lowe’s (after forgetting them at Home Depot) and bought three packs of seeds for my very first herb garden.

Rosemary is a an evergreen herb with a very earthy, piney scent. It’s great for seasoning poultry, especially the prestigious rosemary chicken.  I am dying to roast one in the next few months.  It would be so much more rewarding to use my own rosemary.  For all you health nuts out there, rosemary is said to help with memory as well as provide anti-oxidants and Vitamins C and A.

Oregano is most popularly known as the “go-to” Italian herb.  Great on pizza, in lasagna, spaghetti sauce…yep, my mouth is watering now; need to stop that.  The herb is bitter in flavor, but has quite a kick whenever it is dried out.  I am excited about trying this one with a manicotti recipe.

Basil is another Italian-American cooking herb.  Thrown in with a garlic olive oil, you can spread it on a baguette and you have instant garlic spread with a little bit of an earthy flavor.  I also like basil in a homemade pesto sauce, great on pasta.

I am going to be honest, I wish I had read a few more articles and blogs on starting in indoor herb garden before I actually struck out on my own and just “went for it.”  Granted the little pouches of seeds were only $1.28 a piece, but I have a terrible habit of just going for the gusto without doing my research.  I opted for a great potting mix which will help me prevent over watering.  Herbs needs to remain in moist soil, but over watering could kill the roots.  What I didn’t know before the actual planting is that you should mix the potting soil with some sand to make it a little more organic.  Hopefully the seedlings will thrive just fine.

I filled up each pot to the specifications of the seed packet.  Two of them required I keep 1/4 inch of soil over the seeds, but the oregano seeds were so fine, they barely had to be covered.  I kept the packets underneath each herb pot so I didn’t forget which one was which during planting.  Don’t want to have a fun triplets case going on.  But I am pretty sure that, once they started sprouting leaves, I would be able to figure it out.

Just in case, and also for a sweet personal touch, I wrote the names of the herbs on the pots.  The cool thing about my kitchen is that it faces directly south, which allows for about 8-10 hours a direct sunlight each day.  For the most part, herbs need a ton of sunlight.  I knew I did the right thing by buying the Treehouse.  Otherwise, I could be growing my herb garden in the bathroom.  :p

Once the Spring AKA the last danger of frost has arrived, I will transplant them outside.  I am also thinking about planting some cat-nip in the garden since we have all sorts of kitties roaming around.  It would be nice to have them at least enjoying themselves while they were out.

Have any more awesome herb planting tips?  Can you link me up to a few home gardening blogs?  Have you tried any great herb inspired recipes lately?  Share them in the comments box!


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