Pinterest Challenge Accepted: Boo Plate

We are officially in the final countdown to Halloween!  This weekend is going to be smashing, with two BIG events going on in my life…the first being Night of the Living Arts brought to you by the Lancaster County Council of the Arts.  Last year I heard was amazing!  I will will be there with my friends from the Community Playhouse of Lancaster County.  If you are in the area, you should come.

The second event is Lucky Lou’s Tavern’s annual Halloween party Saturday night.  I cannot tell you how pumped I am.  The costumes, I am hoping, will be downright frightening.  Yours truly will be entering the costume contest, and the resident KJ (AKA TRY AKA My love) has some surprises up his sleeve for the evening.  Already shaking in my black pumps, I tell ya!  For all my local readers who are looking for the party, this is the place to go.

Okay, so before I kill myself with all the excitement that will be going down this weekend, I need to scale it back a bit and cover what happened last night.  As promised, I got the crafting bug. And also, as promised in my 50 Readers post, someone was going to win a FABULOUS prize! So I got cracking. Pinterest is my muse.  I cannot believe that less than a year ago, I was complaining about not being able to use the darn thing.  I am a Pinterest maven now, or so it seems.  My GMail account is always bombarding me with notifications that people are pinning my pins to their pin boards.  Any idea how to get rid of that?  I guess I am just a…PIN HEAD!  (Bad joke…never tell that one again). Bad jokes aside, I found this boo-tiful plate, and decided that this would be the very first gift I would offer to a very lucky reader.

Courtesy of

Little did I know that this crafting bug was going to hit at 8:30 right after I was done with dinner and watching Modern Family. Luckily enough, Goodwill didn’t close until 9.  I hopped into my car and skee-daddled over to the local Goodwill and purchased a lovely plate at only $0.49.  Can’t beat that kind of a deal.

Isn’t she a beaut? I got the plate all cleaned up, pulled out the enamel paints and got to work.  You need to use enamel acrylics for any ceramics project FYI.  The enamels are designed to fuze to the material you are working with and this will help resist chipping in the future.  But just because you paint with enamels does not mean they won’t come off in the dishwasher.  Wash in warm soapy water.

Soap box portion of the post is over now, kids.  Let’s move on to how I actually did it.  Even though the site I referenced uses a stencil that you can print out, I decided to freehand the project.  I have been painting ceramics and furniture for the past 6 years, so I have a pretty steady hand.

I started with the BOO and then just free-handed the spooky branches.

It looks pretty cute like that on its own.  But I wanted to give this plate its own signature look.  The dots around the rim of the plate caught my eye when I bought it, and I decided to accent each one with a little dot of paint.

Pretty sweet, huh?  The entire thing took me about 10 minutes.  The longer wait is going to be the 24 hour drying time.  Once it is done drying, I will pop it into the oven, set at at 325 degrees and let it “bake” for 25 minutes.  Then it will be ready for my lucky reader!

This makes a great hostess gift for Halloween.  It cost me less than a dollar and took only 10 minutes to make.  Doesn’t get much better than that!   Visit my Halloween Pinterest board for some spooky inspiration. It’s not too late to get those last minute crafts/recipes/costume ideas out of the way.

Have you found anything on Pinterest for Halloween that you can’t wait to try?  Have you already tried it?  I would love to see it! Share in the comments section below.

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