How Bizarre: Too Crazy NOT to Share!

Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered to yourself: What would people say and how would they react if I died?  Yesterday, I witnessed first-hand how bizarre of a situation that can be.

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My sister had a friend, we will call him Rick, who had cancer.  He had been battling it for some time, and the doctors assured him that with a few rounds of chemo, he’d be fine.  He and my sister are really close, to the point where they were going to be roommates this year.  He sent my sister a text, saying that he was afraid to die.  In the craziness that is my sister’s life, she didn’t get to text or call him back.  Thursday night, she called my mother in tears.  Rick’s father had announced on his Facebook page that Rick had passed away Wednesday night.  Well, as you would understand, my sister was a basket case.  She was beside herself with guilt for never calling Rick back.  But seriously, she can’t blame herself.  Life gets busy and things happen.  I can understand her being upset.  I was depressed all weekend because I couldn’t be down there with her to comfort her.  She came to terms with Rick’s death over the weekend and even posted a beautiful eulogy on her Facebook wall.

Now here’s where the story gets weird.  Tuesday night, my sister gets a call from Rick’s number.  She thinks it’s his parents calling her to thank her for the sweet message on her Facebook and that they are sharing the funeral arrangements.  She picks up her phone and a familiar voice is on the other end, telling her that he had just gotten back from a relaxation clinic in Wisconsin to help with the stress that recovering from cancer was causing.  He was not able to get to his Facebook or phone for several days.  He comes home and sees all these messages of love and sadness on his Facebook page.  And Rick is mortified but at least he’s alive!  My sister was floored.  Rick is doing quite fine, in excellent spirits, and actually plans on being a zombie for Halloween, since he is supposedly “back from the dead.”

So, here’s what happened.  One of Rick’s friends hacked his Facebook while he was in Wisconsin, impersonating Rick’s father and told everyone that Rick had died.  It was intended to be a joke that would only last a few hours, but became a full on hoax that lasted a week.  Since Rick nor his family were able to get to Facebook and dispute the death announcement, everyone believed it.  I am actually itching to share his name so his Facebook will be deleted, because no one who lacks that much social responsibility should ever have a Facebook or even a MySpace.

But I wonder to myself how Rick felt as he combed through the 400+ messages and comments on his Facebook page from people who thought he was dead.  I wonder how surreal that was to “attend your own funeral” in a sense.

Anyway, welcome back to the “land of the living”, Rick.  It’s good to have you back.

Have you had something bizarre happen lately that you want to share?  Post it in the comments box below!

2 thoughts on “How Bizarre: Too Crazy NOT to Share!

  1. As morbid as it is, I think about death a LOT. I’ve made several arrangements to be kept in my absence, and even have a list and several letters to loved ones that I keep in my glove compartment in case something should happen to me. I’m a planner, and I like to think that even in death I would have everything together with a bow on top. I don’t want anyone to be stressing over what song to play at the funeral, or something minute like that. I want them to be banded together and comfort each other. Anyway, sorry to rant; to answer your question, yes, I’ve thought about it. 😉

    • lol. Not a rant. I was told the other day I should have gotten a will years ago since I own property. I am 24 and already have to think about death. The world of uncertainty we live in.

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