Happy Monday!  As Hurricane Sandy rages along the East Coast, I just want to send out my heartfelt hopes and prayers that all of you that are affected get through just fine.  Crazy weather we’re having, huh?  Down here in South Carolina, we have been pretty darn lucky (knock on wood).  I guess we are in for quite a brutal Winter.

Weather aside, this weekend was very productive.  I will have you all know I tackled the guest room as per my plan for my Pre-Thanksgiving Fix Up.  I am quite excited about the finished product.  But first thing’s first, I have to show the obligatory “before” photos.

The main thing I decided to do with the guest room was keep the walls the Cozy Cottage color that it is originally painted.  No point in messing with perfection; just a touch up here and there will do the trick.  I did, however, decide to add a pop of color to the room by painting the closet doors.  You can’t really tell from this photo, but the closet in general was chipped and scraped. Not to mention, the previous owner hadn’t really painted to doors properly (they used a brush and it showed badly).  I pulled out the same trim paint that I used in the living room and kitchen for the doors.  The closet doors were easy to remove.  They swing out and you are able to pull them off the track, same as the shower doors I took out a few weeks ago.

I simply used a roller to coat each door with the trim paint and I let them dry overnight.  It’s important to allow for 24 hour drying time before you apply any additional paint or, in this case, painter’s tape.

The door for the actual guest room was a wreck, as well.

This is what late nights playing darts looks like on a door.  Not pretty at all.  I took the roller to it, as well!  I made sure that I taped off the door knob so it didn’t get paint on it, and then I went to town.

Below is the result in the exact same spot.  The paint filled in the door beautifully and you can’t even tell that the door was used as the backer for one of Ryan’s and my favorite at-home games.

If you have been following me on Pinterest, you will recognize this gorgeous DIY door.

Courtesy of centsationalgirl.com

It’s got a great luxe look to it, and I wanted my guests to feel as if they were stepping into a hotel room whenever they came to visit.  This part was relatively easy.  All it takes is a little measuring and eyeing the pattern on the door.

Step One: Measure on the door 4 inches from all the sides of the door, one on the far left and one on the far right so that when you go to tape the edges of your pattern, they match up.

Step Two: Once the pencil notches are set, take the blue painter’s tape and line up the pattern along the notches.  Cut the tape with scissors and press the tape to the door, making sure there are no ridges in the tape.  You want a straight line without any bubbles in the tape, so when you pull the tape off the door, it creates a clean line.

Step Three:  Move on to the bottom rectangle and repeat.  When you are finished, the doors should look something like this. Remember to press down the tape.

Step Four:  Just to make sure the pattern is straight, set the doors back in the closet.  Make any adjustments that need to be made.  Press down the tape ONE MORE TIME. I cannot stress how important that is.

Step Five: Time to roll on the paint.  I used an eggshell base from Behr in Anonymous (a medium grey).  The can cost me just south of $12, so it was relatively inexpensive.  I used a small roller for the job.  If you use a big one, it is still doable, it’s just a little more difficult to get in the nooks that are close to the edges without dripping.

Step Six: Allow the first coat to dry and apply another.  Two or three thin coats are better than one thick coat that is totally uneven.  Go over your work with a “dry” roller to smooth out any lines you spot. Don’t worry about painting over the tape.  That’s what the tape is there for.  It’s paint resistant!

Step Seven: Allow the paint to dry for at least 3 hours.  Then, very gently, start peeling the tape off the door.  Go little by little.  Try not to yank the tape off, especially if the paint is still a little wet.

Once the painter’s tape it peeled off, you can sit back and enjoy your work for a minute.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Step Eight:  Once the doors are completely dry (I would wait about 8 hours), you can hinge the doors back in the closet. Touch up any spots that might have bled into the clean lines with a fine brush.

Voila! You have luxury-style doors for next to nothing!  Looking forward to tackling this bedroom over the next month, bit by bit.  More on that later. By the way, you may have noticed the new bedding.  I bought that at K-Mart at a close-out sale for only $16!  That price couldn’t be beat, and it goes beautifully with the color scheme.

Tackle in home projects this weekend or did you party with the ghouls and goblins?

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