Morgan Moment: My First Love

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!  I am thrilled to share this awesome story with you.  Mom came in the office yesterday with something that jogged my memory. I simply had to share with the class.

Though I am just 24, I have had several great loves in my life.  There have been many boys that have taken residence in my heart for quite some time, but none so much as the poofy haired, deft fingered, and smooth talking David Copperfield.  For those of you born after 1995, you probably don’t have any idea who this man is outside of the State Farm insurance commercials I have been hearing on the radio.  Just for reference, here is a picture of the world-famous-during-the-’90’s magician.

They just don’t make men with hair that high anymore…
Courtesy of

I remember the first time I met David Copperfield.  My parents had taken me to a show of his at Oven’s auditorium.  Now, David is a cool guy, always has been loyal to his fans.  He came out after his show and talked with the audience.  My parents brought me up to the front to meet him, and I stared up at him in total adoration.  He asked my mom if he could hold me (ee!) and she put me in his arms.  I told him, ” David Copperfield, I love you.  I am going to marry you one day.”  He smiled and said, “Morgan, I will wait for you.”  Being five and impressionable, I believed him.  I would literally watch his television specials every morning before I went off to kindergarten, including this video, that put a love for Peter Gabriel in my heart from such a young age.

Fast forward a couple of months later, I am sitting in the living room of my babysitter’s house, eating Doritos’ and watching television when this news bulletin pops up: DAVID COPPERFIELD TO WED VICTORIA SECRET MODEL CLAUDIA SCHIFFER. I. Was. Devastated!  My mom picked me up from my babysitter’s house, and I literally cried all the way home and then sobbed myself to sleep.  I got over it…eventually.  To this day, I still hate Claudia Schiffer.  I yell “slut” whenever I see her in Love Actually.  It’s a problem, I know.  Yay childhood trauma!

My mom has a bleeding heart.  She saw how upset I was and decided to write to David to smooth things over with me.  He was coming back to Charlotte around the time of my 8th birthday, and she thought it would be the best idea ever to meet with him again.  By this time, he was far too busy to go out and meet with all the audience after shows.  We had to get an in.  My Uncle Nelson was friends with Dick Clark-yes, THE DICK CLARK. Mr. New Year!  Dick was moved by the story and he decided to track down David’s personal address so my mom could write to him and appeal for a private audience.  She wrote this heartfelt letter (she says she still has it somewhere in storage), and sent it off overnight to the big fan mailer in the sky.  A few weeks later, the show was rescheduled and my parents were notified, changed their tickets, and the plan was back on to at least take me to see the show for my birthday.

Just a couple of weeks before the show was to come in to town, mom received a call from David Copperfield’s office.  Thinking that it was about the ticket debacle, mom was about to dismiss it and go on with the rest of her night.  The person on the end of the phone assured her that she was “Mr. Copperfield’s personal assistant”, that David had read her letter, was truly touched, and wanted to meet me after his show.  Mom told me the good news, and I lost my mind!  I was so excited to see him again.  So much so that I made a candy heart out of red hots that weighed almost as much as I did for him.

We sat through the show, and then we were called back at the end.  David was taking a quick shower (he was in between shows) and he popped out with wet hair, looking like he always did in my dreams.  You, guys don’t even know.  I was so in love.  He took my candy heart and he sat me down on his lap (after asking my mother permission…I guess it was for legal purposes. This was around the time of Michael Jackson :p).  He told me that he was sorry he had broken my heart, that he had met someone else, and that he hoped I understood.  I gave me a big hug, and took a few pictures with me before he went back for the second show.

Can’t deny the cuteness

To this day, I still see that as the moment that made my life.  Even though I have grown up, I still have a school girl crush on the world’s most famous magician.  It would be so awesome to see him perform live again.  Oddly enough, I have made plans to go to Vegas with a few of my travel buddies next May.  Guess who has a show there?

Courtesy of

Yep.  That’s right.  Dude, I really don’t care if he’s old enough to be my dad.  I am making this guy another humongous Red Hot candy heart.  Just kidding.  Still it would make my life (again) if I could show him the picture from almost 20 years ago and say, ” You told me you’d wait for me when I was 5.  Well, I am 25 now.”  That sounds creepy.  Might have to work on the wording.  But it would definitely make him laugh, and it would make a wonderful story go full-circle.

Who thinks I should give writing him a shot?  Do you have any great “I met a celebrity stories?”  Leave it in the comment box!


6 thoughts on “Morgan Moment: My First Love

  1. I think you should do the candy hearts idea. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if he remembered and called you out! What have you got to lose?

    Great story! 😍

  2. I definitely think you should make the candy heart. It will jog his memory and its a really cute and poetic motif. I can just imagine you sending him one when he is all old and grey……

    I always thought I was going to marry Kevin Bishop, the human boy in Muppet Treasure Island. Don’t tell my fiancé though… Never mentioned it to him LOL! What a dreamboat he was in his pre-pubescent years! Proof:

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