It’s the Great Pumpkin, Lucky Lou’s!

It’s the last day for Halloween week.  My decorations are officially down and the Thanksgiving Pinterest challenge is about to commence.  But I promised you all an epic Halloween post, so here it is!

I got to hand out candy at work on Wednesday, which was pretty sweet.  “Old” people like to go trick-or-treating too.  As far as I know, there is still a little bowl of chocolate eyeballs at the front desk.  I stopped by Tim’s after work and got to hand out candy to all the babies coming through the neighborhood.  Yay babies!  I finally ended up watching The Blair Witch project, as well.  I know, I am wayyyyy behind.  But it was quite entertaining.

Afterwards, Tim and I slipped into our costumes for the night.  And what you believe is beyond glorious!  Put on your sunglasses, kids, because things are about to get Sunny D up in here.

Tim: Mild-mannered karaoke host/super hero by day…

Cheesey, pretty dapper lounge singer by night.  Best part of this thing?  He owns it!  Personally I think that if he ever gets married again, he should totes wear it.  Any votes for the orange tux on wedding day?  Oh, by the way, try the veal and don’t forget to tip your bartender. I was a witch from stuff I had found in my closet, and I am also quite pleased with the outcome.

When we arrived at Lucky’s, I could probably see about 2 or 3 costumes in the joint.  Wasn’t nervous about it.  The troops were on their way in their Halloween best.  Take my lady Terri (the awesome chef from this afternoon’s post).  She came out as Robin Hood in her home made costume.  In my opinion, it was one of the best! Girl, I am digging those boots.

I had to stop and take a picture of the gorgeousness. Oh my lanta, we are maneaters.  After that, it was a steady stream of homemade costume awesome.

Tingley came as Guy Fawkes, even though he is a few days early.  And yes, he will be wearing the mask on Monday. If you have no idea what I am referring to, shame on you.  Now go, hang your head and watch this video. My inner music dork is sqeauling right now.

One thing I love about TRY.  When he gets excited about something, he goes all out.  Halloween at his house was pretty vanilla, no decorations.  But once we got to Lucky’s, he got to really tricking out the rig.  Any other karaoke hosts should Pin this and prepare for next year.  This KJ goes above and beyond.

My lady Holly and her honey Mike came out Wednesday, as well.  Holly is a rock star.  There is no getting around it.  She was so excited to wear a little pink in her hair and rock out the biker gloves.  She has one mean voice, too.  You have got to listen to her sing.  I missed her big song for Mike “How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You” by James Taylor.  But I was too busy wiping happy tears from my eyes to film it.  They’re too cute.  You can watch Holly be a badass here.

Afterwards, two of my most favorite people sauntered in with their homemade costumes…

 Mr. Happy Trees himself…Bob Ross.  Andrew actually looks really good with a ‘fro.  Go figure.  Also, I learned that Bob Ross actually died years ago…so I painted sad trees instead.  Of course, I get left in the dark on this one.

Andrew’s lady-love/wife Chanssee had the best make up of the evening.  She went as Dia de los Muertos.  Her make up started at around 6 PM.  They got to the bar around 10:30.  You do the math. But man, she looks gorgeous! And she has one heck of a voice, as well.  Check out her singing here. She reminds me of Adele.  Yes, that is a man putting a dollar at her feet.  He wanted to buy her a drink, but all he had was $2…sooooo I guess a dollar helps?

Tim can’t resist a good photo-bomb.  Kind of looks like Chanssee’s second head since the suit blends in with the brick.  Hmmmm…

Oo! And I forgot to tell you guys…there was a hillbilly bride and groom there, as well.  Pretty awesome.  The groom sang Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.”

And the bride tossed the bouquet.  I didn’t quite catch the whole bouquet.  But I got a flower, which is pretty sweet!  So, I guess that means that pretty soon i will get married?  To Mads maybe.  I love my fur baby.  I would totally marry her and stay a crazy cat lady forever!  Or maybe I will just pull a Sue Sylvester and marry myself.  I like that idea…

After that, it is all a orange and black blur.  I am going to let TRY play us out of the blog post.  Have any great Halloween stories?  Any gorgeous costumes?  I want to hear about it and see it!  Comment and leave links!

As always, thanks for reading.




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