Just Something About Weddings

This past weekend, I was given the gift of being able to attend my friends Theresa and James’ wedding in North Carolina. The ceremony was beautiful, and everything was fantastic at the reception.  It was, hands down, the absolute BEST wedding I have ever attended.  And yes, I cried like a baby.  Theresa is the first of my friends from college to get married.  It seems like it was only yesterday we were all at Denny’s and Theresa and James were just chatting away.  I don’t believe anyone would see it coming:  James standing next to Theresa at the end of the aisle, fist pumping the air after the pastor pronounced they were man and wife.  Actually, there was a TON of fist pumping on James’ part.  I don’t believe I have ever seen a man so excited to be married.  Not just getting married, but being married.  There are those weddings where you secretly take bets with the other guests to predict how long the marriage will last.  Theresa and James’ wedding was not one of them.  They are going to go the distance, no doubt in my mind.  They are the couple that will live up to one of my favorite quotes:

Courtesy of finalsms.com

Okay, I am getting all teary-eyed thinking about it; have to scale it back a notch. The beauty of weddings is that, for the moment, they make you believe that all that is wrong with the world is gone.  The fairy tales do come true and unicorns exist.  It’s a great feeling.

It’s a feeling that I believe becomes contagious just after a wedding.  You start wondering what your own wedding will be like, the proposal, the man in general.  Is someone truly capable of taking that big leap of faith with me?  As a serial monogamist, always the girlfriend, never the bride, it can worry a girl once she hits her mid 20’s.  Especially when Facebook pings another engagement on your radar, the thoughts begin to run rampant.

If Honey Boo-Boo’s mom can find love, why in the world haven’t I gotten married yet?  My mom needs grandbabies, gosh darn it!  Wasn’t I supposed to be married at 22?  I’m getting so…old!  Do you want to have babies before your ovaries become a baren wasteland?

You can spiral out of control with the crazy thoughts.  I have to dial it back.  I have already been slatted (from the table of people I was sitting with) as the next girl to get engaged and married.  This was a vote because I was the only one who was in a relationship.  A relatively young relationship too, by the way.  I have known people who have dated for 3 weeks and gotten engaged.  I have always been in the “wait at least a year” school of thought.  Point is, I shouldn’t be worried too much about getting married right now.  I am going to look back at this point in my life and miss it, so don’t go and rush the inevitable.

One day, I will get married.  One day, I am going to have the chance to give my mom grandchildren.  One day, I am going to have that shining moment with the person I love.  But today, I had a closing on a house mom and I have been working since September and that made me smile.  Today, mom is coming over to meet Tim, and have dinner in the house that I have been independently updating for the past 3 years (and I am in no rush to leave it). Today, I am exhausted from a great “single girl” weekend with my best friend and I don’t have to worry about what my kids would think.  So for today, I am feeling awesome, just as I am.

I might very well be the next girl down the aisle.  But I need to remember how great it is just to be me.

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