Morgan’s Favorite Things

Happy Election Day everyone.  Huzzah for the end of the mudslinging and bickering on facebook.  Huzzah for getting out there and exercising your right to vote.  And huzzah for no alcohol sales in my “glorious” state of South Carolina.  Wait, what?  Yeah, no wine for me today, I suppose.  Geez, South Carolina, way to go prohibition on my bottle of white zinfandel. 

Lucky for me, my mama brought over a HUGE bottle of Reisling and a lovely bottle of Merlot for last night’s “dinner party/meet the boyfriend.”  I am quite pleased to say she was impressed and likes the boy very much.  Best part?  He didn’t have to put on the Eddie Haskal act at all.  He was just himself.  And yes, mom, he is that awesome everyday!  But enough about that, since I am pretty sure dad is reading this and he is hm-ing and haw-ing.  It’s his job, right?

My lips are chapped, my hair is getting fly-aways, and the air is getting colder.  I am staring down the barrel at yet another holiday season.  Christmas is just around the corner, 7 weeks away to-the-day, in fact.  I can already feel the itching to go back up into my parent’s attic and retrieve all the decorations I bought at last year’s after Christmas sales.  I love the holidays.  I am excited I get to spend them with my family and friends this year, starting with the dinner party I am throwing next Thursday.  Wow!  Time for Thanksgiving, already.  I have also started experiencing those God-awful nightmares where I wake up, it’s Christmas Day and I got absolutely nothing for my family.  I am working on the list right now.  I have had a good year, so they are getting spoiled this year.  They will have to deal with it.

I also have been pestered about what I want for Christmas, to which I say, “alright, I will give you a list.”  No point in fighting the commercial avarice.  Or pretending that there isn’t something I really want. Because there are a few things, not going to lie.  So, I give you my list of favorite things.  Let the glitter of commercialism commence!

  1. A functional webcam.  My baby sister lives in Charleston.  Phone calls are great, but I miss seeing her face.  She is my best friend in the whole world, but as far as seeing her actually goes, our visits are limited to about 12 times a year.  No me gusta.  I would love to have a webcam for my laptop so I can Skype her atleast once a week. 

    V7 Vantage Webcam 300 with Built-In Microphone
    Priced at $9.66 at Wal-Mart

  2. Anything owl.  It’s becoming an addiction now.  I am expanding my owl collection beyond just a few prints and ceramic pieces.  I don’t want to get too crazy with it, but I freaking love owls. They are beautiful creatures!  I could use a coffee mug, a pretty art print, or even a lamp for the guest room.

    Ceramic Owl Lamp in Blue by allyourstories on

  3. A new cutting board.  I have been in the kitchen a lot since I got my new crock pot, and I intend to host a few more dinner parties while living in the Treehouse.  Sadly, one of my cutting boards (made of plastic) has taken the beating of a mad man from me, and it is about to crack.  I would love to have a new cutting board in the kitchen to show off as well as actually use.

    Engraved cutting board “Where there is no wine…” by TimberGreenWoods on

  4. An Apple TV.  I swore to myself I would never ever ever buy into the Apple product hype.  The only thing I own that is apple is an old refurbished I-Pod.  Pretty good for someone who is an Aquarius and has to always have the newest things. But Tim has me sold on how awesome the apple tv actually is.  Andwith me actually purchasing my first flat-screen…gasp!…I am going to need something to transmit my Netflix and online shows to the actual screen.  Yay, no more craning my neck to watch my computer shows.

    Apple TV Digital Multimedia Receiver from Apple Store

  5. Home Depot, IKEA, Pier 1 Imports, or Home Goods gift cards.  Your favorite little DIY-er has got to keep the blog going somehow.  Sometimes my favorite hobby needs some funding. 

There it is, my Christmas list.  You know you have already started compiling your own.  What gifts are you really wanting this year?  What was the best gift you ever received?  What was the worst gift you received?  Have a special gift you can’t wait to bestow upon your loved one?  Leave your comments in the box below!


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