Where Will You Be in Four Years?

DISCLOSURE: I am in a heavy crafting phase right now.  I am attempting to get it all together before the week ends.  I know you huys are ready to see some new projects.  I am hoping you will be pleased.   

So, finally the election has come and gone (hasn’t quite chilled out on Facebook, but we will push through), and I can’t help but think how fast 4 years has gone by.  Presidential elections aside, I began to wonder what has changed in the past four years and what the next four years will have in store for me.

IN 2008:

 I was living in a dormitory with my 2 best friends, Caitlyn and Theresa.  I can remember watching Obama winning the election, and I also remember none of us really getting a good night’s sleep because the students were too busy celebrating the win.

Miss those days dearly


I am living in my own condo that I actually OWN, don’t rent with my cat.  I actually woke up to the news of Obama winning a second term because I am pretty sure no one in my neighborhood, especially the hillbillies that usually set off fireworks during times of celebration behind my house, were thrilled.  So I actually got a good night’s sleep.  Theresa is now a married woman, and, to be honest, no idea what Caitlyn is up to.  I guess being awesome in her own way?

AND FOR 2016?:

I would be lying if I said I never wanted to leave the Treehouse.  I will miss it dearly, but I am also hoping to branch out to a house that has a four-figure square footage.  Chances are I will actually rent out the Treehouse and start a string of rental properties for extra income.  Here’s my dream home! Anything on the water will make me happy!

Courtesy of hqwallpaper.in

IN 2008:

I was a night host and RA at the Courtyard at Winthrop University.  I never got to sleep…EVER!  If I was on call one night, I would always get a call from the front desk saying some damn yahoo basketball player got locked out of his room for the umpteenth time.  I was the “mean” RA who made them sleep out on the couch in the lobby if they got locked out more than once in a night.  Yeah, I really don’t miss that job at all.  The best part of the job was the great colleagues I got to work with.  They were a great bunch. I was also a student, working on getting my degree in music and theatre.  Which meant if I wasn’t working, I was studying…right?

The Courtyard Crew. That’s me on the far left. yeah, I had short hair once…


I will officially be going full-time with my realtor job, and I couldn’t be mroe excited.  I still have a lot of sleepless nights, but usually it is because I am waiting on someone to come through on an offer I have submitted for mom or I am out having a good time with my friends (you get a little more free time in this business).  I received my degree, but I must admit I really haven’t used it.  I sing karaoke, and have won a competition, but as far as opera goes (which is what I am trained for) I have not been too lucky.

I love my job

AND FOR 2016?:

I hope to be one of the top in my company as far as being a realtor goes.  Eventually I will move out of mom’s office and go it on my own where I live now.  The commute is starting to get to me after 3 years.  Prepare to see my name on every for sale sign!  I am going to be thatawesome, yes. Music-wise, I will continue to sing karaoke and audition for shows.  One day, it will all catch up.  It just has to.

Courtesy of getyourbizsavvy.com and “I Love You, Man”

IN 2008:

I was expecting to be engaged within the next month or so.  My boyfriend at the time, Andrew, had been dropping hints about popping the question. On New Year’s Eve, he actually did ask me.  And that’s all that needs to be said there, because obviously Andrew hasn’t made much of an appearance in the blog.  Is it just me or is my generation the one of “first time engagements” instead of first time marriages. Not that I am complaining.  I just noticed the pattern. Discuss.


I have been dating a wonderful man for about 3 months now.  We are enjoying the easiness of the relationship, and we are not expecting to bring in the craziness of wedding planning for at least another year.  Have we talked about it?  Yes.  Am I expecting anything as far as rings go by the end of the year? No. But I do love him…a lot.

AND FOR 2016?:

I am hoping to turn my ambiguous relationship status into “married” by then. I know who I will be married to, but just in case that falls through…there’s always this guy. Just kidding…

Courtesy of beautifulpics.org

IN 2008:

I had a beta fish given to me by an 8 year old.  His name was Poseidon because he was blue.  He was a Wal-Mart fish so I expected him to die after 3 days.  He lived for 2 whole years!  He even faked his death one time.  I was about to happily dump him down the toilet when he started moving again.  He lived for another 3 months.  I hate fish.


I have my “fur baby” Mads who is indeed the light of my life.  I could not imagine life without her. Plus, Maddie and I both hate fish.

AND FOR 2016?:

I see a dog in my future, especially once I get a back yard.  The boy has a wonderful “puppy” Ringo.  I am hoping he is around for another 4 years.  Unless there is a freak accident, Maddie will be around, as well.  And, if I am going to be honest, I might even have a kid by then.  Yes, the battle of being a mommy has been won out by the adorable-ness of children I have been around lately.  Kind of scary still, thinking of being a mom.  I actually felt my throat close up a bit.  Not a good feeling. lol

And that’s my life right now and where I want it to be.  How about you guys?  Where were you in 2008, where are you now, and where do you want to be in 4 years?  Keep it clean (AKA no political fighting).


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