Crunch Time!

Hello All!  Happy Monday.  This week is a packed one.  I am hosting my very first (and hopefully not last) dinner party at The Treehouse this Thursday night.  Also, it is Zombie Week!  Mel and I are heading down to sunny Orlando to participate in the “Run for Your Lives” zombie run.  Just got the great informative email that goes a little something like this:

We will have obstacles that contain latex, up to 4 feet of water, minor electric shocks, and red non-toxic dye.  Please use your best judgment if you have any allergies or health issues.   You are free to skip any obstacles due to health issues without a penalty.  Please plan accordingly– safety comes first!

As much of a freak as I am, I am actually excited.  Melanie has asked me if I am worried about the zombies.  I pretty much desensitized myself with Scarowinds this year, so growling, drooling, people in costume ought to just make me run all the faster.

Run for Your Lives

Today, I have been cleaning house, crafting (yes, more crafting posting tomorrow) and running. Tonight before bed, I am baking crescent rolls and making cake for my office’s Thanksgiving party tomorrow.  Jeez, am I busy enough?

So, I have a question for you all, my big support group: As I go into this final week before the holidays and the big race kick off…what advice for persevering can you give me?  Is it a tip for running faster? Dodging? Get plenty of sleep?  What kind of vitamins should I be taking? What should I be eating? Tips for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse?   Tips for being a good hostess?

I want to hear it all!


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