Remnants of Wedding Brain

I can’t help myself, guys.  I still have some leftover remnants from wedding brain.  I am not sure that it’s going to go away anytime soon, so I am just going to ride it out until it does.  How am I going to do this?  By sharing with you all the vision I have had of my own wedding (a good two years away, by the way) since I was little…and maybe a few of my top pins on my board at Pinterest.


  1. I want it to be in my parents’ back yard.  When I was 15, I watched A Walk to Remember.  As cheesy as it sounds, I loved Jamie’s list.  My number 2 wish was to have the wedding of whoever I married and me in the yard I played in as a little girl.  The lot my parents picked out, cleared, and built their house on is huge.  My mom has spent years working on her “little garden” that spans over an acre. Palm trees, hydrangea, and azaleas abound.  And there is an arbor that is covered in flowers during the spring.  Plus, its my home.  I feel so at peace there.  My parents joke about selling the house and moving somewhere near the coast, but I always retort with “You guys can’t go anywhere, until I get married in the back yard.” To which they playfully reply, “I guess we will just have to work out the terms of your wedding in the sales contract.” Hey, I would be willing to do it AND pay the owners of the house if that ever happened.  Needless to say, I really, REALLY want to get married at home.

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  2. The actual wedding should be small and then a big party will follow!The agony of picking and choosing who to invite on top of adding up wedding costs is mind blowing.  In all honesty, the chair rental alone for all the friends and family I could invite to the wedding would tally up in the $500 range!  Why would anyone want that kind of craziness?  I have always envisioned a very small, very simple ceremony with only my closest and dearest family and friends.  No chairs, no formality, even down to the bare feet I pictured when I was little.  Yes, I wanted to serve Barefoot wine at the wedding, just to mark the occasion.  I am so silly.  I love the idea of maybe 30 people tops attending the actual ceremony one day (probably a Thursday or Friday) and then having a HUGE wedding weekend where everyone else could attend the festivities. As far as the “wedding night dinner” goes, I like the idea of hiking down to a local restaurant, renting out a room and having everyone who attended enjoy the good food and a little roasting at mine and my groom’s expense.

    Wedding Circles are Pretty
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  3. My dad AND mom take me down the aisle. I love my daddy more than any man on the planet.  We have had a lot of hard times during my childhood, but we grew up around the same time (figuratively speaking).  But to leave out my mother-the woman who had equal part in my raising, who is in there at the office with me everyday, who I can tell anything to-would be a blasphemy.  And chances are, my legs will be really shaky.  I will need both of them to hold me up as they have all my life.

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  4. NO line dances. I blame it on my temp job with a catering company, which had me attending all the weddings with the “white people” dances.  You know, the ones that tell you how to dance instead of just dancing, because most white people don’t know how to dance.  I have been to one wedding in particular, though where there were absolutely no line dances but the dance floor was packed the entire evening.

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  5. NO bouquet/garter toss.When I was little, I used to love chasing after the bouquet when it was tossed.  Now that I am older, I am usually groaning with dread when the bride comes out how her bundle of flowers in the air and making all the single girls gather around.  And then the whole bit with whoever catches the garter…yeah…this is the one time dirty Uncle Ernie gets out of his wheel chair and actually pushes the other guys down and catches it.  I don’t really want to have this tradition.  I would love to have the married couples in attendance come to the dance floor and begin to dance.  The DJ would then count off the years (1,2,4,5,10,15,20, etc.).  The couple who has been married the longest gets the bouquet as a gift.

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  6. My guests get to be the entertainment.I love karaoke.  And chances are, my future husband will love it, too.  All my friends I go out with weekly enjoy it, as well.  And are actually rock stars at it.  So, having a karaoke reception will be awesome.  There will be a “do not play” list to keep the party going, but it is going to rock!

    Having a photo booth would be awesome, too.
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  7. The entire wedding weekend stays under $5000.  My mom brought me up to be frugal.  Have I dreamed about the big princess wedding in a big church followed by a reception at the country club with all the stops pulled out?  Sure.  But as I got older, I began to realize stuff like that doesn’t really matter much to me.  I actually get excitement from finding a deal and staying on budget.  Oh yeah, I like to live on the safe side…gets me hot.  Wait, what?  Anyways (ahem) there are a lot of ways I am planning on keeping this party under $5000, including catering it myself, calling in favors from my vendor friends, and, in a word, keeping it SIMPLE.

    I want to avoid this as much as possible.
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  8. The vows will be written by me and my future husband. The formal vows are nice.  They are tried and true methods, but they are also boring.  The ceremony should be a little offbeat and a little more personal.  I love the idea of going to a quiet, favorite spot with my fiance, sitting down and writing out the vows together, back to back.  But we don’t actually say what the other wrote until the actual day of the wedding.

    A fun little party game
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So, that’s helped somewhat with the wedding brain.  I am feeling much better already!  Now I can go about my life and actually get some stuff done around here.

What are/were your must haves for your wedding day? Was it including a pet in the ceremony? You want to wear your mother’s dress?  You want to elope?  I want to hear about it.  Leave your comments in the section below.


4 thoughts on “Remnants of Wedding Brain

  1. I love the idea of the couple that has been married the longest receives the bouquet. So beautiful. Our wedding was big and in a church… with lots of people followed by a huge reception. If I could do it over again I would prefer a small intimate outdoors wedding… like the one you invision.

  2. When the time comes, unless you are ONE HUNDRED percent positive your wedding party is only going to be around 30 people, don’t cater it yourself. It’s absolutely exhausting. One of Justin’s friends catered our wedding (FYI – don’t let friends do stuff, either. Leave it to professionals!), and even though we didn’t personally fix anything ourselves, it was still a nightmare. Having it in your face and knowing what’s going wrong and being on SUCH a deadline all while being the bride? Not even worth it. I got everything I wanted in my wedding. I felt very strongly about not having it in a church; I, too, wanted some personal sentiments along with the traditional vows; and brown and orange coated everything – it was great. Both my parents walked me down the aisle as well, I definitely recommend it, it’s very special. 🙂 One more thing: be careful about your mom. My mom is my best friend til death, but she kinda got out of hand and a little on the Momzilla side during all the planning. It’ll happen, even if it’s just over one thing. You have been warned!

    • lol. I loved reading this. But seeing as i am paying for everything myself, that will be my final argument. I will probably reach out to a catering company I used to work for (they can give me a discount) if I feel the food is getting out of hand. These are all great! Glad to hear from a bride who knows what’s up. ❤

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