Giving Thanks Table Runner

This year has been the year of table runners for me.  First, there was the spiderweb runner I totally beasted for Halloween, and now there is a table runner for Thanksgiving.  Whoo!  I am getting all crafty up in this hizzy.  Annnnd I’m white.  Okay, moving on to the actual runner and the concept for it.  This was another Pinterest challenge.  I am full of them.  I found this lovely pin a few weeks ago while on my “screw Christmas, there is another holiday, gosh darn it” phase.

This table runner was crafted by Shannon and Dean of AKA Design. Obviously, I fell in love and I decided to try it out in my own special way.  First thing’s first, I didn’t feel like dragging out my sewing machine.  Second, I wanted to experiment with another fabric aside from the canvas that is featured in the original post.  Just in case anyone is waiting with bated breath, it worked. And superbly!

I bought the fabric at Wal-Mart in the little scrap bin.  The total cost of this project turned out to be…

Pretty sweet deal, if I do say so myself.  The fabric was a little thin, and I had a hunch that it was going to bleed a little bit when I took the Sharpie to it. Yes, all you need for this project is fabric of your choosing and a Sharpie.

I got the fabric home and figured out a quick way to hem the fabric without hauling out my sewing machine.  The answer to this question is duct tape.  Works like a charm! I shook out the fabric, made a tri-fold pleat, and ironed it down so that the shape would remain before I began taping the ends and the folds down.

Once the runner has been hemmed, the finished product should look something like this:

So pretty, you can’t even tell that it was a non-sew project.  Now comes the fun part.  I am just good at free handing, so I went to Pinterest and eye balled the design.  Make sure that you have enough space on both sides of the runner so that the design comes out even. Be sure to use a light hand or the Sharpie may end up bleeding into the fabric.

After the initial design is drawn out, it is time to go back and take care of the detail work.

And ta-da!  You now have a table runner for Thanksgiving that costs less than a dollar to make! I am thinking about drawing a little border around it…thoughts?  Leave as-is or add the border?

What are you doing to decorate for the Thanksgiving holidays?


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