So I Joined a Karaoke League

With my Tuesday nights recently being freed up, I was looking for something new and stimulating to try out.  While karaoke is an ultimate past time of mine, it’s always fun to check out a new venue, a new show, and meet total strangers who have just as much love for singing as I do.  A local karaoke bar in town Patti’s Backstage Karaoke is having their annual karaoke league for the next five weeks.  And would you know it, kids? I actually joined!

The league works like any other league you join…like bowling or basketball (okay maybe not, I know nothing about sports)…except this is with pure performance.  Even if you are the best singer on stage, if you don’t actually work to entertain the crowd-with costumes, props, actors, etc.-you won’t get points.

The weeks are broken down like this:

Week One: Songs with a Color in the Title

Week Two: Fast-Paced 80’s Country Cong

Week Three: Songs with Weather Conditions

Week Four: Movie Themes

Week Five: Group Christmas Song

Want to come out and see us perform and compete for the cash prize?  Check out Patti’s Backstage on Facebook.

My first song will be “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall. Have a listen, will you?


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