Joining the Crazies

My dad, sister, and I have a great family tradition that goes back years and years.  The Friday after Thanksgiving (I believe everyone calls it Black Friday), we go out into the world at 4 AM and watch “the crazies” scramble for all the great holiday deals. Sometimes this involves teasing and making fun of the people who resemble ants going out into the world to retrieve coveted treasures.  Of course, this year, Wal-Mart will be opening much earlier for Black Friday than last year.  Might as well call this marketing ploy and heachache for Wal-Mart employees Turkey Hell Day.  This is also the year I have decided to join the crazies as there is a wicked awesome sale on flat screens.  Yes, I am joining the rest of the mobs to obtain my very first television that does not weigh more than I do. Whether or not I succeed will be the main issue.

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Rules for Black Friday Survival

  1. Nap then caffeine up.  The post-meal food babies will drag you down and put you out for a few hours.  Accept the oncoming food coma and get some rest.  You are going to need it, soldiers.
  2. Go into the battle knowing exactly what you want and get after it!  This goes without saying but check the circulars for the deals and plan your trip so that you can cut down on sitting in traffic and being stuck back in the Christmas aisle when all you really want is to get to that sweet One Direction CD (oh, I crack myself up).
  3. Be prepared for the sell outs.  I am already planning my back up plan if the Emerson is long gone by the time I get to the store.  I am shopping around online and already looking at the Cyber Monday deals.
  4. Be polite.  People just become barbaric when it comes to Black Friday.  I have seen seemingly proper women fight over the stupidest stuff.  Don’t lose your humanity.  It’s only shopping.  Use kind words, say “please” and thank you to the people who are working (after all, they have probably been up for 24 hours), and you will leave the store a happier, less stressed out person.  Now, if someone is rude to you, just go straight up bus driver on them.  Just kidding!
  5. Plan on eating…again.  My absolute favorite part of going out with dad and Mel is our trip to Huddle House after we have finished our ridiculing of “the crazies.”  It’s a great time for the three of us, who very rarely get daddy/daughter time to be together.  And it just readies us up for a long nap when we get home. Plus, if you get uppercut, I am sure the restuarant will have a frozen steak or at least a pack of peas in the back that has your name on it.

Take Care of Yourselves and Each Other

I don’t recommend doing this on Black Friday, but it’s hilarious.

What are your Thanksgiving holiday traditions?  I want to hear about them!  Leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Joining the Crazies

    • Probably. Last year was a disappointment because dad got sick and Mel had a headache so it was just me and my boyfriend at the time going out. Not nearly as fun. here’s hoping for better luck this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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