May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today is a very special day, not just because it’s my boyfriend’s birthday, but because today is the first day I can actually start to guiltlessly display my holiday projects!  And, oh, do I have quite a few of them! 

Over the past weekend, I got to work on a very fun, easy, and visually rewarding Pinterest challenge and personal project. The Pinterest part being actually pulling off this gorgeous “Merry and Bright” sign that rests sweetly over the mantle in The Lovely Cupboard blog.  The personal project bit was providing you with a step-by-step tutorial so you can make one of your own.

The Pin

What You’ll Need:

  • A sizeable canvas with plenty of room to paint and punch holes
  • Acrylic paint in silver and gold (sing it with me!)
  • Brushes
  • A pack of white Christmas lights
  • Black electrical tape (I am starting to think I have a problem)
  • Fishing wire for hanging
  • Egg nog for drinking.  Hey, it’s the holidays.  Calories don’t count!

I bought the lights from Lowe’s at just under $2 a box.  I only needed one box…very nice!

Discount taken at register

The canvas I found at Hobby Lobby for around $12.  The entire project cost me just under $15, since I already had the paint, tape, and fishing wire. 


Center and paint the words first.  I used the same font that the Pinterest pin used.  I believe their font did turn out better than mine, though.  Penmenship isn’t my strong suit. 

Next come the reindeer…this is where I use a step by step painting tutorial for kicks and giggles.  It’s actually very easy.

Start with the head of the reindeer.  Don’t make it too big. You’ll need space for the rest of the body.

Next, work on the neck and add an ear.

Then comes the rest of the body.  The cool thing about this is that you will have to fill it in so if you make a mistake within the lines, it won’t matter, because it will be covered up. Just eyeball the size.  And don’t forget the tail!


The last thing to do is paint on the antlers.  Easy enough…and then you’re ready to fill it in.

Gorgeous.  Feel free to add your own touch to the reindeer.  All I did was paint it a golden necklace.  But you can add in holly or glue on some rhinestones around the neck.  Use your imagination.

Let the canvas dry overnight, or even better over the Thanksgiving break.  When you come back home, pull out a thick screw and a hammer.  The screw is wide enough to make some sizeable holes in the canvas to push the small bulbs through.

The number of holes you want is up to your discretion.  I decided I wanted several lights on the front, but wanted a signficant amount of backlighting as well.

Now push a blub through each hole in the canvas.  Once that is complete, reinforce the wires on the frame of the canvas with the electrical tape, leaving a few lights across the back to create a really gorgeous effect.  If you use the electrical tape directly on the canvas, you get a patchy look like this.


 Yeah…not so pretty.  So keep it strictly on the sides.  Now you are ready to hang it.  Use the fishing wire for that with two very short nails.  Wrap the fishing wire around the nails after they are hammered into the frame.  I tried adding a little extra gleam by using the light wire as the hangable part.  It kept falling down because the electrical tape was not sticky enough to hpld it.  But it turned out adorable, just the same, after I got the fishing wire to hang it instead.

And it’s ready to go for the mantle.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the Christmas projects I am tackling this year!

Do you have any holiday projects or recipes that you think I should give a try for the blog?  Any tutorials you’d be interested in checking out?  Are you usually the one that keeps the Christmas stuff up until December or do you break it out as soon as the turkey leftovers are being packed away? I want to  know! 

I am off to enjoy some burgers and sushi tonight with Tim.  He is 38 today, but doesn’t look a day over 28.  So lucky, am I. 



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